‘A Christian Insurrection’ -- The Atlantic Slimes Pro-Trump Christians

January 8th, 2021 2:40 PM

In the media’s mission to associate literally everyone and their Bible-thumping grandmothers with “terrorist” attacks at the Capitol Building from this past Wednesday, outlets are beginning to blame the violent actions of a vast minority of a Trump rally-attending crowd on pro-Trump Christians in general.

In a hare-brained piece titled the “A Christian Insurrection,” Emma Green of The Atlantic decided to insinuate that because there was a plethora of Christians at the January 6 Trump rally in D.C., and that because a tiny minority of the thousands upon thousands of people there broke into the U.S. Capitol Building, Christianity shares the blame for the attack and is now a weapon utilized by Trump to promote insurrection. They sure love a balanced approach, don’t they? 

The piece began saying, “The name of God was everywhere during Wednesday’s insurrection against the American government. The mob carried signs and flags declaring ‘JESUS SAVES!’ and ‘God, Guns & Guts made America, let’s keep all three.’ Some were participants in the Jericho March, a gathering of Christians to ‘pray, march, fast, and rally for election integrity.’” 

Sounds awfully sinister.

The author continued with some petty ridicule, cherry picking some: “‘Shout if you love Jesus!’ someone yelled, and the crowd cheered. ‘Shout if you love Trump!’ the crowd cheered louder.” Okay, we’ll take her word for it. 

The gist was that Christianity has become a tool used by Trump for his insurrection. The piece stated that Wednesday’s march “is evidence that Trump has bent elements of American Christianity to his will, and that many Christians have obligingly remade their faith in his image.”

Though could it also be the fact that many of Trump’s policies are things Christians freely agree with?

Still the author wrote, “Defiant masses literally broke down the walls of government, some believing they were marching under Jesus’s banner to implement God’s will to keep Trump in the White House.” OK, so because a group of crazies went into the Capitol, does that mean the  throngs of pro-life, Christian grandmothers, women and children outside were dupes whose faith was “weaponized” by Trump? No. Those Christians were supporting a president whose policies aligned with their values much more than anti-Christian, pro-abortion Biden Harris regime, and doing so peacefully. 

And really, haven’t we spent all Summer watching the left parse out the violent BLM people form the “peaceful protestors.” Surely even though Black Lives Matter propelled arsonists, looters and cop killers, they told us that the slogan and the ideology it represented was for good, and represented mostly by its peaceful protests. Even Michelle Obama addressed the nation and said that the same ideology that possessed violent cop killers and property pillagers was mostly a tool for peace. 

And what about the “Not all Muslims” talking point invoked after the Pulse Nightclub shooting? The left would never extrapolate the shooter’s Islamic beliefs and generalize about Islamists,  but The Atlantic flaunts its double standard in its continued demonization of Christianity.