What a Joke! Clinton Ladies Produce and Host New Apple Series on ‘Gutsy Women’

December 3rd, 2020 4:05 PM

Just accept it. Hillary Clinton and her daughter are never going away. In fact, Clinton-produced home entertainment is coming to a TV near you, courtesy of Apple.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, both Hillary and her daughter Chelsea are turning their latest book into an upcoming Apple TV+ docu-series. We guess the mother-daughter duo saw the bonkers cash that the Obama family earned in their Netflix deal and wanted a taste.

The Book of Gutsy Women, the non-fiction work co-authored by the Clinton ladies which tells the individual stories of the influential and trailblazing women in history, received a “straight-to-series” order from the billion dollar tech company’s streaming service. Not only is their book getting the Hollywood treatment, but both Chelsea and Hillary are set to host and executive produce the series. 

Written in 2019, Gutsy Women includes stories of such powerful feminists like Harriet Tubman and Greta Thunberg. Though THR hasn’t confirmed which famous ladies profiled in the book will be featured in the series, the fact that we may get to see the tantrum-prone, eco nut Swedish child number among the company of actual heroes like Tubman is pretty vapid and depressing, and shows how seriously Rodham takes women’s issues. About as seriously as she takes Bill Clinton’s assault victims

The outlet claimed that Apple’s adaptation of The Book of Gutsy Women is part of a “considerable push” by the company to make it in the docu-series space. Apple has made waves recently with an Oprah Winfrey series -- that one just aired an interview with former President Obama on his new book A Promised Land -- and has plans on making a series with political comedian and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart for 2021.

The show is being produced by “HiddenLight Production, a new company founded by the Clinton women and Sam Branson.”

Of course -- and we apologize for reminding you -- Hillary Rodham is no stranger to the documentary world. Earlier this year, Hulu, a Disney-owned company, produced an eponymous docu-series on the failed 2016 presidential candidate’s life, which Newsbusters Executive Editor Tim Graham described as feeling like the “same Clinton-campaign claptrap from 1992, with the same childhood and college pals, and the same gush about how brilliant and promising she always was.”

Clinton has also been announced as a producer for The CW’s new female-focused anthology series called The Woman’s Hour, based on a book by Elaine Weiss, which details the women’s suffrage movement. Yep, leave it to Hillary to sign off on any non-fictional feminist production in development. Of course, she has faced victimhood herself, after all, her losing to Donald Trump was because of “sexism.” 

So, even if you want to get out of politics or stay off Twitter, you might never escape the Obama/Clinton propaganda matrix now that they’re cutting deals with entertainment programming.