#MeToo Hypocrite Filipovic Says Conservatives Hurt Tara Reade & Female Victims

May 23rd, 2020 2:10 PM

You know the left will never apologize or own up to any of their mistakes. Even if they and the whole world are aware of their painfully obvious #MeToo double standard, guess who they say actually hurt female victims? That’s right, conservatives and Trump voters.

Not only did crazy feminist author and New York Times contributor Jill Filipovic not give Tara Reade and her allegations against then-Senator Joe Biden the same benefit of the doubt as she gave to Kavanaugh accusers, she blamed conservatives for ruining Reade’s life by entertaining her allegations. Really?

According to Filipovic -- who shifted the #Believeallwomen goalposts from the time of Kavanaugh to #Believewomen so she had room to doubt Reade (as if that makes a difference) -- #MeToo actually died because of conservatives’ “gotcha” journalism.

In response to news that one of Tara Reade’s #MeToo lawyers had dropped her case on May 22, Filipovic tweeted (while presumably breathing a sigh of relief,) “This is all just so frustrating and sad. Her life will never be the same. #MeToo has taken a hit. Could have been avoided through thorough journalism.”

But thorough journalism can only happen when journalism happens. And the lefty media couldn’t be made to do its job for weeks -- including The New York Times. “But the absolutely irresponsible, self-interested people who pushed these claims will never, ever take responsibility.” And we’re still waiting for your apology to Justice Kavanaugh.

Filipovic added, “It makes me so livid. The same people who pushed these claims also brush off and denigrate feminists as ‘liberals,’ then attacked us as hypocrites for not jumping on this story before it was properly reported. Those of us who care about sexual violence understood the stakes.” The denial is astounding.

Filipovic had the nerve to say that conservative journalists pointing out her own double standard hurt survivors at large. She tweeted, “the damage is tremendous, not least to Tara herself, but also to sexual assault survivors everywhere, & to hopes for fair investigations & processes. It's all a big shit sandwich, and it didn't have to be this way.” And using victims and allegations as political cudgels when needed, and trying to dismiss them when they're not needed doesn’t hurt victims?

Her rant went on and on, with her adding, “Some of us actually do give a fuck about women & sexual violence; to some of us, this isn't a political game, it is a very sincere and earnest personal investment in a set of issues that transcend electoral politics.” She also said she was still waiting for an “apology” from those conservatives who support Tara’s claims. Look, we were told to “believe women.” Filipovic should be proud of us.