Jerry Springer Says There’s 'No Excuse' For Networks To Air Trump Virus Briefings

April 22nd, 2020 1:27 PM

Take it from someone who knows TV -- well someone who knows how to get the unwashed masses hooked on some degenerate tabloid TV -- Donald Trump’s coronavirus press briefings should not be aired to the general public. So says TV host Jerry Springer, who insisted in a recent interview that there’s “no excuse” for news networks to broadcast the President’s pressers.

The longtime host of The Jerry Springer Show, which polluted television from 1991-2018, pulled the same, tired leftist media line that letting folks see Trump’s daily virus briefings is irresponsible, but really it’s just about lefty media folks hating that Trump has such direct, prolonged access to the American people.

Talking with The Enquirer’s “That’s So Cincinnati” podcast, Springer, who was once the Democratic mayor of the Ohio capital, said it’s time to turn the cameras off. No, seriously. He claimed, “There is no excuse now that we know what they’re like for just turning on the cameras.” He argued that what should be done is to let the reporters do their job.

“The reporters should be there, and then write their reports or report it on the news at night or whatever. But to just turn the cameras on Trump for an hour and a half — that’s not journalism. That's technology.” he claimed, adding, "I blame the journalists for this now."

So what? This isn’t a debate over proper journalistic practices. This is a national emergency after all and the American people, along with several diligent networks, believe it’s necessary to get unfiltered updates from their government.

But of course this all boils down to Springer, and errant networks like CNN, which have cut a total of seven hours from Trump’s briefings in two weeks, being annoyed that Trump is controlling some of the narrative.

Springer stated, “I could see the first couple of days — or maybe even weeks — doing it. But now that we see what the routine is — that Trump gets up there and spews his stuff, which is different every single day, and then finally the doctors get up there and basically refute what he’s saying.” Oh, yes, sure, the doctors can’t even stand Trump. Though even Dr. Fauci himself has dismantled that narrative.”

Springer added, “The public is not being helped.” According to Springer, these press conferences need to happen behind closed doors and then the always-honest media can give us the “appropriate” picture. So their track record is giving the president 90 percent negative coverage? Don’t worry about it.

Yeah, that’s a good one. Perhaps if that were the case we’d all be wondering whether Trump forcibly inserted fish tank cleaner into a couple’s mouth and killed them.