‘High Fidelity’ Actress Zoe Kravitz Posts Pic of Coronavirus Made From ‘MAGA’ Caps

March 16th, 2020 4:48 PM

High Fidelity star Zoey Kravitz seems to have a pretty interesting sense of humor regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. The actress posted a joke photo of the virus to her Instagram account which had been altered to make it appear like it was made of red “MAGA” caps.

Ah, yes, the coronavirus is the “Trumpvirus” joke, an instant classic.

For anyone who tries to deny that the left is using some of the hysteria over the Wuhan virus to hit the president, just point them to this photo, and countless other nasty tweets and posts from vindictive media members.

Zoey, the famous daughter of rocker Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, posted the joke photo to her Instagram account on March 16, to the amusement of her 5.6 million followers. The photo is a zoomed in, microscopic perspective of the virus itself -- one no doubt everyone is familiar with by now -- which is a round nucleus surrounded by red spikes called “spike proteins” which the virus uses to “invade human cells.”

Kravitz’s photo, however, zoomed in even further to reveal that the red spike proteins were comprised of “Make America Great Again” hats. Oh. That’s quite the meme. Kravitz captioned the photo with a snarky quip, writing, “science.” The “science” is also out that she might be suffering from a case of TDS.

Well, that’s just Hollywood for you. Tweet a caption that says, “Praying for corona victims,” sure, you might get some nice solidarity “likes,” but say something edgy about conservatives or Trump and you can get “117,580 likes” in two hours. Good for Zoe.

African American movie producer and pillar of the LGBTQ community, Lena Waithe commented on the post, writing “Preach.” Media personality and “The Roots” musician “Questlove” commented, “Wow.” Yeah, it may be a little too provocative.

Zoe is no stranger to expressing her political view online. A week ago, she posted a photo of a young Bernie Sanders to her “Insta” with the caption "votevotevotevotevotevotevote" for Super Tuesday. She also loved House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s idiotic antics during February’s State of the Union Address, posting a photo of Pelosi tearing Trump’s speech with the caption, “RIP IT UP.”

Also, her new show, High Fidelity a Hulu series re-work of the early 2000s-era John Cusack movie with the same name, hasn't shied away from scorching Trump voters either. During a February episode, Kravitz's character rebuked her friend with the quip, “You still listen to a dude who raps in a MAGA hat” -- a disparaging dig at Trump-supporting rapper Kanye West.

The disgruntled friend piles in on Kanye with the response, “Having shitty politics and a second grade understanding of American history is a tiny bit different than being a Goddamn child molester,” referring to Michael Jackson. Of course, the crowd defends Michael’s honor, with one onlooker clarifying “allegedly.”

Clearly, Zoe is selective when it comes to spreading peace, love and health to people.