Prominent Latino Pastor: This Election All About Religious Liberty

June 21st, 2016 12:16 PM

Samuel Rodriguez is the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and a Time magazine nominee for the top 100 most influential people on Earth. This morning, Fox and Friends invited Rodriguez to discuss his views on the election.

“This election is all about the Supreme Court and religious liberty,” Rodriguez said. “Our Judeo-Christian system is under assault.” “It’s secular totalitarianism, liberalism run amuck on steroids.” Rodriguez went on to say.

When prompted to list particular laws, Rodriguez shot back, “Obamacare, sisters of the poor, hobby lobby, do I need to mention any more? Current state initiative in California that would in essence do away with Christian colleges and universities. I kid you not.”

Adding to Rodriguez’ worries is the fact that conservative justice, Clarence Thomas, announced he may retire soon. That will leave two vacancies on the Supreme Court following the recent death of conservative justice, Antonin Scalia.

Rodriguez is joining 900 other prominent evangelical leaders as they meet with Trump this week to discuss policy. Rodriguez expresses angst about some of Trump’s rhetoric. He is pleased, however, that Trump has come up with a list of conservative Supreme Court justice nominees.

For Rodriguez, who will be nominated to the Supreme Court is the most crucial issue this election for religious and even “agnostics” who want a Judeo-Christian value system in America.