Unfunny Golden Globes Host Jokes that 'White People Stole Everything!'

January 8th, 2024 12:50 AM

On Sunday, a painfully unfunny comedian named Jo Koy hosted the 81st annual Golden Globe awards on CBS. Anyone who hadn't heard of Koy before the ceremony will want to forget him now that it's over.  

Koy didn't make it five minutes into his opening monologue before attacking white people. After mentioning director Martin Scorsese's nominated film about native Americans, Killers of the Flower Moon, Koy went on a rant about whites.

Koy: The one thing I learned about that movie is that white people stole everything! You guys stole everything! Not, like, 97%. You guys stole 100% of everything. You took the land, you took the oil -- you took the premise for the movie. [Laughter] What, that was your premise? That's hilarious, I don't care. It's just that the room is really white. The room is like, "Yeah, we did take it. And?"

His comedic bit went downhill from there to the point where he began blaming other writers for all the lines that fell flat. 

Unlike Koy, other comedians during the evening managed to actually be funny or genuinely daring. Jim Gaffigan, who presented the award for Best Performance in Stand-Up Comedy on Television, took a surprise shot at Hollywood's reputation for harboring pedophiles.

Gaffigan: You know, this is so exciting for me, the Golden Globes. I mean, I can't even believe I'm in the entertainment industry. I can't. It is so unlikely. I'm from a small town in Indiana. I'm not a pedophile. [Laughter] You know? I just...I don't know if that's a new category here, but I'm here to present an all new category. All right?

Gaffigan announced Ricky Gervais as the stand-up performance winner for the Netflix special Armageddon. In 2020, Gervais famously mocked Hollywood's relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein during his opening monologue as host. It was the last time the Golden Globes chose a funny emcee. Notably, Gervais did not attend last night's ceremony to receive his award.

Later in the evening, anti-white "jokes" reared their ugly head again, this time during the announcement for Best Limited Series. Presenters Issa Rae and Simu Liu, who played a Barbie and Ken doll, respectively,  in the summer blockbuster Barbie, brought up "white people roles."

Rae: We may not have been what first popped up in people’s minds when they thought of Barbie or Ken, but that’s changed, and we’re hoping to continue to push the boundaries of the roles we can play.

Liu: By that, of course, we mean white people roles.

Hollywood will not give the race obsession a rest. It is all so tiresome.

The ceremony's best moments came with well-established stars who achieved fame before woke identity politics destroyed Tinseltown. Seasoned television stars Keri Russell and Ray Romano, for example, had a charming interplay of dialogue as they presented the award for Best Supporting Male Actor. Some Twitter users even wondered if the duo could host instead.

Any other host or hosts would be an improvement over Jo Koy. Koy managed to be even more cringe-worthy than 2023's host, Jerrod Carmichael, who told that year's audience that he only got the gig "because I'm black." 

Is it really so hard to find a host who can entertain an audience without insulting white people or making it all about race? Or is it the writers of the show that just can't help themselves when it comes to virtue signaling?

The Golden Globes could possibly revitalize itself in the future if it ditched the anti-white bigotry and stuck to handing out awards. In the future, they need to find a host who cares more about being funny than about pushing a racial agenda.