New 'Saved by the Bell' Pushes Woke Gender Agenda

December 7th, 2020 7:00 AM

On Nov. 25, NBC's Peacock network premiered its new reboot of the popular 1990s sitcom Saved by the Bell. Rebooting old favorites has become a trend in Hollywood, with writers increasingly relying on famous brands from decades ago and updating them with more diverse casts and woke themes. This has included remakes of sitcoms like Charmed, books series like The Babysitter's Club and kids' cartoons like She-Ra.

Usually, the reboots are unoriginal in their re-imagining and just "make it new" by throwing in contemporary left-wing obsessions with LGBTQIA (particularly trans), race, and radical feminism. The new Saved by the Bell, set at fictional Bayside High, is no exception to this rule.

Original cast members Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley return in their roles as A.C. Slater and Jessie Spano. Slater is now the football coach and Jessie is a school counselor. Mark Paul Gosselaar and Tiffany Thiessen, who played Zack and Kelly in the original, also return for a few select episodes. They are now the governor and first lady of California. 

As governor of California, Zack cut funding to lower-income schools in California and sent the low-income students to high-income schools like Bayside. Minority students from a low-income school named Douglas High join the wealthy, entirely white students at Bayside to teach them all a thing or two about privilege.

Of course, each episode takes digs at white characters for the color of their skin. In the second episode, there is even a clueless Bayside mom whose name is literally "Joyce Whitelady." She is patronizing to the minority students and hands them a welcome gift bag with a pregnancy test in it.

In a later episode, the school principal erroneously thinks 30 misplaced iPads were stolen. Former Douglas student Aisha confronts fellow former Douglas student, Devante, about stealing them. She thinks he stole the iPads because he used to steal stuff at Douglas. Instead of just telling her he did not do it, he accuses her of wanting to look good in front of her "little white friends." Oddly, nobody seems bothered that he never faced any consequences for stealing at Douglas. Throughout the series, the minority students from Douglas are always educating and enlightening their clueless and often dumb, white Bayside friends.

Aisha becomes the star quarterback on the Bayside football team. When Coach Slater is worried about making her the starting quarterback, Jessie tells him, "A woman can do anything a man can." Actually, male athletes after puberty have greater muscle mass and strength than females. Conversely, men do not have the female superpower of carrying a baby in the womb and giving birth. We are different. That is okay. Women do not need to prove anything by trying to compete physically with men.

Propagandizing women to think they are the same as men and should compete with other men in sports leads to disappointment. The recent farcical kick by Vanderbilt's Sarah Fuller is a textbook example of this. Yet the viewer is supposed to pretend that Aisha is the best quarterback Coach Slater has ever had. This is almost as bad as the trans agenda pretending that biological males competing with females in sports is "progress."

Speaking of which: unsurprisingly, Saved by the Bell has a trans character. The Disney star Josie Totah, previously from Mindy Kaling's comedy Champions, announced in 2018 that he was a male-to-female transgender. He plays transgender student Lexi, the most popular "girl" in the school. Lexi has a crush on the straight male football player, Jamie. Lexi and Jamie reveal their attraction for each other and kiss at the end of the series. The viewer is supposed to pretend this is a male-female kiss. Actually, it is a homosexual relationship between two biological males, one of whom is taking hormones, dressing up in girl's clothes and "acting" female. Lexie will never have the chromosomes or biological parts of a woman no matter what surgeons do. It is an insult to biological woman to pretend otherwise.

When the series is not insulting girls with the trans agenda, it is emasculating boys. The male football players put on a "feelings helmet" whenever they are struggling with emotions and cry it out. When two boys are fighting over a girl, Coach Slater tells them that is "toxic masculinity."

The whole series, rather than trying to recapture what made the 1990s version popular decades ago, uses nostalgia from the original to push contemporary radical left-wing agendas. Nothing can save this new Saved by the Bell.

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