Fox’s ‘Scream Queens’ Jokes About Shooting Liz Cheney in the Face

September 28th, 2016 5:28 PM

Because joking about shooting conservatives in the face is apparently funny, Scream Queens decided to use Tuesday night’s episode to target Liz Cheney, literally.

It all began when Chad (Glen Powell) described his friend’s strange screaming fit. Which is how Liz Cheney and Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) tie in:

Chad: So we're on our annual hunting trip with the International Order of Saint Guntington. It's an elite secret society of hunters that dates back to the Hapsburger Dynasty.

Chanel: Okay, did anything odd happen on the trip? Was he bit by a tick or hit in the head?

Brock: That is an excellent question, C.

Chad: Are you guys boning?

Brock: Went to the movies last night, I grabbed her boob.

Chad: One boob? I thought doctors had game. Mm-hmm. Why don't you try two handfuls...

Munsch: Okay, okay. You can fight over Chanel's breasts later. Though it would be sort of like going to war over the Falklands. Lot of work for a relatively small and insignificant amount of land. Anyway, please continue.

Chad: Thank you. So we're on our annual quail swim with the Ordens brothers. RBG, Bill Parcells, Ted Danson. Giant covey of quail take off right in front of us, we lower our guns to take 'em out. Ginsberg-- she bagged two, two or three. Hell of a shot. All of a sudden, a couple stragglers take off after the first volley of shots, Randal lowers his gun to take 'em out, when all of a sudden, Liz Cheney pops out. And I think she was, like, peeing.

Randal: Mm-hmm.

Chad: Anyway, Randal lowers his shotgun, shoots her right in the face. Boom!

Munsch: Hope she was okay. No, I don't. She's awful.

In case you thought for a second that a shred of decency would prevail, and prevent Scream Queens from portraying the facial shooting of Liz Cheney as a good thing, you clearly haven’t been watching Scream Queens.