ESPN Host Made to Apologize for Saying Blacks Aren’t Oppressed

September 1st, 2016 9:45 PM

ESPN has officially lost it. On Monday, while discussing the Colin Kaepernick statement that America oppresses “black people and people of color,” ESPN talk show host and college football analyst Paul Finebaum had the audacity to offer the opinion that he doesn’t believe that “this country oppresses black people.”

On Tuesday, during a taping of College Football Live, Finebaum got into a heated exchange with ESPN analysts Joey Galloway and David Pollack. Finebaum challenged them to specifically list all the ways in which Kaepernick had been oppressed.

Here is the video of that exchange:

This did not sit well with the Social Justice Overlords at ESPN who, today, made Finebaum come in and publicly apologize for saying his country --which happens to have twice elected a black man President-- is not racist.

Here is the video of Finebaum’s original comments on his show, and his apology:

This is horrendous. Finebaum’s guest, Marcus Spears, who is black, actually agrees with him when he says that blacks are not oppressed.

Then, the next day, after a nearly 9 minute segment in which Finebaum exposes Pollack and Galloway as complete lightweights for not being able to show how Kaepernick had been oppressed, and seemingly only able to repeat platitudes about how Kaepernick has the “right to protest,” ESPN then deprives Finebaum of his right to protest Kaepernick’s right to protest by making him grovel and apologize on camera for refusing to accept that most basic and sacred of liberal “truths.” That which says, America is racist.

It’s like everything to hate about ESPN, all rolled up into one article.