E! Channel’s ‘I Am Cait’, Bride of Transition

April 11th, 2016 12:08 AM

Very little needs to be said about Sunday night’s edition of ‘I Am Cait,” other than the fact that the ratings must be every bit as bad as reported if the producers felt the need to pull this stunt.

While Caitlyn and the Trans friends that the E! Channel provided him with, were walking down the street, they noticed a place called “The Bridal Boutique.” And then this happened:

>> Ella: Oh! Candis, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
>> Candis: What are you thinking?
>> Ella: Bridal Boutique. Hi.
>> Candis: Hi, how are you?
>> Caitlyn: Oh, my God, look at it.
>> Candis: I know, it's amazing.
>> Ella: I need to find the right one for you, Candis.
>> Caitlyn: You're actually trying something on?
>> Candis: I'm gonna do it, why not?
>> Caitlyn: God...
>> Candis: I've never tried on wedding dresses.
>> Caitlyn: Either have I!
>> Ella: What do you see yourself, like, rocking?
>> Caitlyn: A wedding dress?
>> Chandi: What type of bride do you think you'd be?
>> Caitlyn: I-I have, I haven't gone that far.
>> Ella: Well, we're gonna go there.
>> Caitlyn: Yeah.
>> Ella: We're going there today.
>> Caitlyn: I've never gone that far.
>> Ella: I think epic would be an understatement of a bunch of trans women in wedding gowns. Which one would look great in Hawaii? 'Cause I think that's where the wedding is. Let go of the fact that we're trans and just kind of realize that we're all just having fun.
>> Candis: All right, here we go.
>> Caitlyn: Challenge is on. Who wore it best?
>> Kate: I would wear a rhinestone tuxedo.
>> Chandi: Ooh!
>> Kate: With a top hat.
>> Chandi: I would probably never go inside a wedding dress store and ever try on a wedding dress, so this is like, a great moment.
>> Ella: Should I come and help? Oh, my gosh!
>> Candis: I'm ready.
>> Chandi: Oh...
>> Kate: Oh...
>> Chandi: I love it. Yes!
>> Kate: Oh! What a glimpse of an angel!
>> Candis: This is crazy! For me, trying on this wedding dress, I kind of am seeing it as a little bit of an affirmation of what I could possibly want have happen to me. For almost all of existence, that wasn't even uh, uh, an option for trans women.
>> Ella: Honey, come out!
>> All: Oh!
>> Caitlyn: How do they do the walk?
>> Candis: No. Just natural.
>> Caitlyn: Want to know something... Oh! Jesus Christ! Oh, my God! What do you think?
>> Ella: That is Flippin' stunning, yeah.
>> Kate: Girl, I need to push things.
>> Caitlyn: I think we need to pose.
>> Chandi: Yes.
>> Caitlyn: Yeah, here we go. Oh, thank you, Chandi. You can be my bridesmaid any day.
>> Chandi: Okay, babe.
>> Caitlyn: Did I ever think this day would come? No.

I too thought this day would never come. Let me fix that, I hoped and prayed this day would never come. And yet…here we are.