It's a Couple of Days Late, But ABC's 'Blackish' Still Finds a Way to Make Columbus Day Racist

October 15th, 2015 12:33 AM

Wednesday night’s episode of Blackish aired on October the 14th. Yet, Blackish is not the type of show to let a little thing like the pesky network programming schedule get in the way of taking a belated shot at Columbus Day.

In an episode titled “Daddy Day,” Dre (Anthony Anderson) pitches his idea for a brand new holiday for dads to his daughter and her friend, when all of a sudden they realize the new holiday will conflict with a day the liberals love to hate:

Resheida: Oh, Yo, Mr. J., did Zoey tell you I've been thinking about that daddy's day thing?

Zoey: No, I did not.

Resheida: Real talk, you need to change it from Sunday to Monday.

Dre: But that's Columbus Day.

Resheida: And? Everybody knows Columbus day is, like, crazy racist. So, you just put daddy's day in there and make it a three-day weekend.

Because history is apparently hard, it becomes necessary to point out that Columbus Day is actually not racist at all. In fact, if anything, it’s racist to be opposed to Columbus Day. Columbus Day was campaigned for and eventually signed into law as a way for Italian-Americans to combat bigoted attitudes towards them. Linking their culture and heritage to the culture and heritage of the discoverer of the Americas would prove that it was indeed possible, even natural, to be both Italian and American.

Indeed, the first people to have a real beef with Columbus Day were not Native Americans, but anti-immigrant groups in America.

It wasn’t until much later in the 20th century, after Italians had become educated, assimilated, upwardly mobile, and self-sufficient (i.e. when Italians had become useless to liberals) that the left started turning Columbus into a symbol of racial genocide.

So, in their pursuit of taking the one holiday Italian-Americans are allowed away because it’s “racist,” the supposedly immigration-friendly and anti-racist left is continuing the traditions of 20th century anti-immigrant groups by singling out a group of people who were trying to defend themselves against racism.

Progress? Not so much.