Groomers Delight as Aussie Netflix Dramedy Sexualizes Young Children for Laughs While Dancing to Cardi B's 'W.A.P'

July 5th, 2023 8:09 AM

An Australian dramedy that was released on Netflix in March was trending in June, so we decided to check it out. Be glad we did so you don’t have to. Looks like Hollywood’s tendency towards pedophilia - or the rights of "Minor Attracted Persons" as they might put it - is shared by the entertainment industry down under if Wellmania is what they consider good humor.

The show centers around a woman approaching her 40s named Liv (Celeste Barber) who decides to go on a health kick after enduring a health crisis.

In episode two, “The Cleanse,” Liv is at a children’s birthday party and finds that the parents didn’t make the party exciting enough for the kids.

So, Liv comes to the rescue with a dance party, among other activities, as young, innocent children are shown playing while the vulgar lyrics to Cardi B’s song “Wet A** Pu**y" plays:

Archie: Baden said the party’s boring.

Amy: Oh, Arch, I’m sure he didn’t mean it.

Liv: Oh, God. Geez, that’s grim. Hey.

Evie: Dad thought it’d impress the other parents if the games were educational.

Liv: Yeah, that’s a no. Okay, kids? Games!

(Wet A** Pu**y by Cardi B plays)

Liv: Oh, come on, Timmy! Get its head!

Diane: You don’t think this might promote animal cruelty?

Liv: The donkey knows what it did, Denise.

Diane: It’s Diane. I’ve got the epi pen!

Liv/Archie: Bullrush! Food fight!

Archie: Best party ever!

Grooming much? All that’s missing are the drag queens.

Even if the song wasn’t actually playing at the party, who thought having kids dance and play to such lyrics was a good idea? (The lyrics are too vile to post here. You can google them yourself if you’re feeling brave.)

It’s sad to see this pedophilic behavior spreading to other countries as we try to fight it here in America. This needs to be stopped...everywhere!