Shonda Rhimes’ ‘Station 19’ Hates on Pro-lifers and Guns in Yet Another Week of Leftist Propaganda

April 17th, 2023 11:59 AM

Okay, Station 19, we get it. You absolutely worship at the feet of your abortion god and you hate pro-lifers. Can we move on, already? For yet another week, the Shonda Rhimes’ drama pushed an abortion agenda, but this time they added their hatred for guns into the mix, just because they can.

Thursday’s episode, “Get It All Out,” continued the false “pro-lifers are violent and dangerous,” storyline that’s been pushed for the third week in a row on both Station 19 and its predecessor Grey’s Anatomy. The scene opens with first responders Ben (Jason George) and Maya (Danielle Savre) running a call with Maya’s wife Carina (Stefania Spampinato) riding along to assist. Carina is an OB and abortionist who volunteers at an abortion clinic run by Ben’s wife Miranda (Chandra Wilson).

Ben hands Maya a flier he found on his windshield that has a photo of Miranda with the words “Baby Killer” written across her face and all her personal information doxxed at the bottom of the page. This leads to more absurd dialogue about not feeling safe with security around and a dig on guns:

Ben: A guy put that on my windshield the other night.

Maya: Hey, Carina.

Carina: Yeah?

Maya: Have you seen this?

Carina: Of course I have. They're all over the hospital.

Ben: Then can you please help me convince my wife that we need to do something?

Carina: We're not closing the clinic.

Ben: I'm not asking you to close the clinic. I'm just saying you need stronger security.

Carina: Ben, I know you're worried—

Maya: He's not the only one.

Carina: I know you're both worried, but—

Ben: What is the harm in hiring some armed guards, you know? They have them at the fake clinic.

Carina: And how did that make you feel, seeing those big men walk in with guns? Did it make you feel safer? Because I certainly did not. It made me feel like I was in danger, and that's the last thing that women that come to our clinic need.

Ben: We've been doxxed, all right? My wife, my family. I am just afraid some lunatic is gonna show up.

Carina: We're all afraid of that, Ben. We're afraid all the time, but the answer to anything in this country is not more guns.

Let’s break this nonsense down, shall we? As we mentioned before, it’s not pro-lifers who are committing acts of violence in real life. It’s the pro-aborts. If anyone is in danger, it’s pro-lifers and crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) who have been under attack by militant pro-abort groups such as Jane’s Revenge.

Also, Carina and Ben were trespassers at the CPC and were escorted out of the building by the guards for trying to go undercover to obtain information that would get the center shut down. The people causing a problem aren’t supposed to feel safe around security because they’re the problem. #MakeItMakeSense

Finally, “the answer to anything in this country” is absolutely more guns - more guns in the hands of the right people, to be exact. Guns in the hands of the right people have always been what’s stopped active shooter situations. Guns in the hands of the right people are what keep law and order. Guns in the hands of the right people are what people use to defend themselves and others against an attack.

Just consider the fact that authorities admitted that trans school shooter Audrey Hale targeted the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, because they didn’t have armed security and she bypassed another target because they did. That alone proves armed security works and gun-free zones do not. In fact, gun-free zones are basically an open invitation to bad people with guns like Hale.

But leave it to Hollywood to get it all backwards. In the Shondaland of make believe, facts don’t matter and propaganda reigns supreme.