Paramount+ Liberal Drama ‘The Good Fight:’ Republicans Will ‘Trash Everything’ if They Win

September 30th, 2022 5:11 PM

The extremely liberal Paramount+ drama The Good Fight is unfortunately back for a 6th season, and they’ve continued to vomit liberal ideology all over the screen, as per usual. Thursday’s episode, “The End of Eli Gold” sunk even lower, however, as the writers sent the message that it’s okay to fight dirty in order to “save democracy” from Republicans who they claim want to “stop voting from happening,” “trash everything,” and destroy the country. (Sound like Biden, much?) Even Vulture called it a “radical stance for a television show to take.”

After Democrat operative Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) gets splattered with the brains of a fellow strategist at a Democrat fundraiser when a white supremacist mistakes him for Eli and puts a bullet through his head, Eli ponders quitting his career. Main character Diane (Christine Baranski) gives him a pep talk, warning “they” (conservatives) are trying to stop voting and end democracy, and will “trash everything” if they win:

Eli: Was there a better time, or has it always been like this?

Diane: I don't know. Whenever I'm smack-dab in the middle of the time, I always think it's the worst time, and then, I don't know, five years later I think, "Huh, that was a pretty good time."

Eli: I fell apart today.

Diane: Well, that makes sense. A person was murdered right beside you.

Eli: And they thought they were murdering me.

Diane: Yeah, so how could you not fall apart?

Eli: I've been wondering how much I've been contributing to all this. Turning the opposition into the enemy, turning the enemy into psychopaths.

Diane: Eli, you're not the one who assaulted the Capitol.

Eli: How do we get out of this? They're shouting, so do we just shout louder?

Diane: I don't know, but if we don't shout back, they'll win. And when they win, they will trash everything.

Eli: Oh, my God, I am so exhausted.

Diane: Okay, so... here's what I suggest. Finish your drink, stand up, pull yourself together, and go out there and kick some ass. This country is worth fighting for; it always was. And our enemies want to stop voting from happening. That's not just galling, that is the end of America. And we can't let that happen.

Diane continues her pep talk, which Eli’s daughter Marissa (Sarah Steele) overhears. Marissa has been trying to avoid testifying in her father’s trial in which he’s accused of orchestrating a “Democrat Watergate.“ Specifically, using illegal tactics to obtain proof that Trump used the “N” word in footage from his former reality show The Apprentice.

After hearing Diane’s words, Marissa decides that perjury, or twisting the truth to protect her father, is okay because if it takes doing something legally and morally wrong to stop “the enemy,” then it’s worth it:

Diane: Eli, I need you to fight the good fight. I need to know that there is someone out there who can quarterback the game. Because I know our politicians aren't up to it. It has to be you. The person behind the scene. I'm sorry, if you want me to contribute to your bodyguards, I will, but you have to get back in the fight.

Marissa: Hey.

Diane: Marissa Gold, how are you?

Marissa: Better now.

Diane: Why?

Marissa: 'Cause I was listening to you two, and I decided something. Let's get to court, Dad.

Eli: Okay, daughter.

As Vulture reported in their recap, “…winning is too important to take satisfaction in merely doing the right thing. You have to be willing to fight dirty to win…Because losing with so much on the line is unthinkable.”

In the end, after Marissa testified, she and her father embrace outside the courthouse amongst white supremacist, antisemite protestors shouting, “Jews will not replace us:”

Protesters: Jews will not replace us! Jews will not replace us!

Eli: Thank you.

Marissa: Hey. I'm your daughter. Where you headed?

D.C. Landau's gone. Dems need me.

Marissa: You can stay for another night. We'll have dinner.

Eli: I'd better not. They might shoot you, thinking you're me.

Protesters: Jеws will not replace us! Jеws will not replace us!

Eli: Incredibly, your mother had to talk me into having a kid.

Marissa: I know. She told me.

Eli: I'm glad she did. You're my greatest achievement.

Marissa: Don't be a stranger.

Eli: I won't. And I won't forget what you did today.

Marissa: Don't get shot, Dad. I would miss you.

Eli: I'd miss me, too.

Marissa: I'm worried this is the last time I'll see you.

Eli: Don't say that.

Marissa: Stay safe.

Protesters: Jеws will not replace us! Jеws will not replace us!

Marissa: (recites the Traveler's Prayer in Hebrew)

Protesters: Jеws will not replace us! Jеws will not replace us! Jеws will not replace us! Jеws will not replace us! Jеws will not replace...

So, The Good Fight wants everyone to believe if Republicans win elections, white supremacy, antisemitism and violence will take over the country, voting will be stopped, and democracy will be destroyed.

One need only look at what’s happening under Biden, what happened during the BLM riots, and the soaring crime rate in our anti-cop culture to know the left is the real threat. A rash of violent attacks on crisis pregnancy centers and churches is currently happening post-Roe, as well, but Hollywood and the MSM ignore it. There have been zero arrests and no investigations by the Biden administration into these attacks whatsoever.

Meanwhile, the few acts of violence by far-right extremists and white supremacists have been soundly denounced by both parties. No one is okay with the Capitol being stormed or people being run over by a white supremacist.

But guess what happens when a liberal runs over and murders an innocent teenager just because he was conservative? That’s not depicted in any Hollywood show, and the MSM has ignored it, as well. One could easily argue that this narrative The Good Fight and even Biden is pushing, is leading to this type of violence as well as to the pro-abortion attacks.

The Good Fight obviously has the enemies and good guys mixed up. If we really want to protect democracy, it’s conservatives who need to fight “the good fight,” except we’ll do so ethically.