Planned Parenthood Promoting ABC Drama Draws ‘Kudos’ For Abortion Scene

March 19th, 2021 1:18 AM

In 2018, ABC’s hit drama A Million Little Things did something very rare for Hollywood. They had a powerful pro-life scene as main character Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) chose life just before she was about to undergo an abortion. But on Thursday’s episode, “Miles Apart,” the show literally flipped the script by featuring another main character, Maggie (Allison Miller), casually going through an abortion, likely because liberals were so outraged by the pro-life scene.

As TV Fanatic put it, “Kudos to the series for choosing to go through with Maggie’s abortion this time since Delilah’s predicament garnered some discourse.” And just to sweeten the apparent apology to the abortion gods, the show blatantly shilled for Planned Parenthood with product placement so obvious it was cringeworthy.

Maggie is surprised to find out she’s pregnant (from a casual fling she had with her roommate) just before a routine cancer screening to make sure her breast cancer hasn’t returned. Maggie is less than a year out from having had chemotherapy, but she never consults a doctor about the prognosis for the pregnancy, she just assumes, "The cancer made [the decision to abort] for me," despite her being cancer-free. For all she knows, her body and the baby could be perfectly fine. But leave it to Hollywood to lean on an extremely rare cancer situation to try to normalize the 98.3 percent of abortions done for purely elective reasons.

It’s no secret that Planned Parenthood has a close relationship with Hollywood and is working to normalize abortion in culture via entertainment. As Newsbusters reported:

“This issue is so important to pro-aborts in Hollywood and so crucial to Planned Parenthood’s survival that abortion consultants like Caren Spruch — the magazine called her ‘Planned Parenthood’s secret weapon’ — are meeting with showbiz screenwriters and encouraging ‘screenwriters to tell stories about abortion and works as a script doctor for those who do.’

As Maggie waits to see the abortionist at Planned Parenthood, she and her former boyfriend Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) are so laid back about Maggie’s decision that their discussion actually turns to… poop. Seriously:



Woman: Hello? Planned Parenthood.

Maggie: So, camping with Darcy and her son. That should be fun, right?

Gary: Yeah, I think so. I'm excited. A little fun fact about me -- I like to poop as close to squirrels as possible.

Maggie: I'd heard that about you.

Gary: Actually, this is the first time I've seen him since Darce and I started... She wanted to wait until, you know...

Maggie: Things were serious?

Gary: Yeah.

Maggie: Yeah. That's smart.

Gary: Well, she is a really good mom.

Maggie: She seems like it.

Nurse: Maggie B.?

After Maggie is finally called back, she’s given instructions on how to abort at home using two abortifacient pills that will cause the “pregnancy tissues and fluid to pass through.” Nothing about the unborn child’s tissues and fluids, of course. Again, they need to make this seem as easy and nonchalant as possible:



Planned Parenthood Abortionist: And then at some point within the next 48 hours, you take the second pill by letting it dissolve in the cheek. Then contractions will start so that the pregnancy tissues and fluid pass through.

Maggie: Okay, um, does - will it hurt?

Abortionist: There is a certain amount of cramping and bleeding, and most people choose to be at home for that, where they know they're gonna be comfortable. I also recommend that you have someone that you trust with you, if you can, in case you need anything.

Gary: I'll be there.

Abortionist: I'm also gonna give you a home-pregnancy kit. Um, and in case the offices aren't open because of everything going on, I'll call you in a couple of days to follow up.

Easy peasy, right? It’s like nothing more than having a friend pamper you while you’re on your period if you believe this depiction. So cozy and sweet! #eyeroll The abortion pill has killed dozens, hospitalized thousands, and causes terrible pain, sickness, and bleeding. No mention of the possible emotional ramifications or any regard to the life growing inside of her, either, of course.

What a tragic turn this show has taken to go from such a beautiful depiction of choosing life to such a casual depiction of its destruction. But in Hollywood’s and Planned Parenthood’s eyes, this sadly counts as progress.

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