Lefty Hero ‘Muslim Selfie Girl’ Turns Out to Be Jew Hater

May 23rd, 2016 9:19 AM

Sporting a hijab and a smartphone, the left found a new icon for their ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ crusade. Turns out … she’s not exactly the shining example they thought she was. 

Vice, The Huffington Post, Vox, BuzzFeed, and numerous other left-wing sites were so ready to proclaim her as a beacon of hope, claiming her ‘peace selfie’ in-front of a group of anti-Muslim protestors as a true representation of the Muslim faith. 

The selfie-taker, 22-year-old Zakia Belkhiri, told BuzzFeed News that her motive for taking the pictures was to show that “we can live together, not [just] next to each other, but with each other”. That sounds great and all, but there’s just one problem … she’s a vicious anti-Semite Jew hater.

The new glamour girl for the global left who made her bones by taking a selfie against a backdrop of protesters concerned over the lax refugee policies (really, that's her act of "bravery" – taking a selfie) turns out to possess a healthy streak of rabid anti-Semitism. Undaunted by her vile expressions against our Jewish brothers and sisters, the left has not withered in celebrating the bold new Muslim heroine of the millennial class. It seems with the left if you are anti-Muslim? Bad. Anti-Israel? You go girl!

Upon getting the new-found attention she decided it was important that she erase all her old tweets, unfortunately for her, a Reddit.com user by the name of Moneo posted a quick screenshot of her disturbingly awful tweet history before it was too late.