Latest Lefty Complaint: Bud Using the Word ‘America’ (Yes, Really)

May 11th, 2016 2:00 PM

Well, we can all thank Anheuser Busch for coming up big in the left’s perpetual hunt for something – anything! – to be offended by.

In a recent Fusion article titled “Budweiser’s marketing department is out of control and needs to be stopped,” Jason O. Gilbert goes off against the decision by Budweiser to temporarily rebrand its label to say “America.” Although Donald Trump has jokingly already taken credit for inspiring the change, Budweiser, as noted by Business Insider, is an official sponsor for team USA and is looking to capitalize on the support received during this summer’s Olympic Games.

Gilbert uses the tag-line ‘AMERICA HEAVY’ for his rant as a way to highlight the fact that it’s just too much patriotism for him to deal with. Seems he just can’t handle all the freedom and liberty that America represents.

Does his pique seem small and petty? You don’t know the half of it. Gilbert was triggered a couple days ago at the, according to him, “goddamn outrage” of a “lazy” cocktail recipe Budweiser posted on its website. That’s right. A dopey cocktail suggestion on a commercial website has him outraged. First world problems, huh?

Predictably, Gilbert isn’t alone in his disdain for Bud’s marketing move. Twitter is already flooded by disgusted lefties.

In the end, Gilbert’s just another liberal snob embarrassed to be American. Bud, he says, is “slapping the word ‘America’ on their cans and proclaiming themselves patriots. They are counting on the support of both ‘Murica-loving Trump supporters and hipster doofus Democrats purchasing ironically.”

He admits it’s tempting for his fellow superior liberals to buy the beer. “How funny would it be to show up to the barbecue with a case of ‘Americas’? Haha, yeah, check it out, I totally got ’em. Let’s listen to country music!!!”

Yeah, boy, sounds like a laugh riot.