Boss on New Netflix Comedy Wants Article About Orgasms During Abortion for ‘Viral Content’

April 16th, 2019 2:15 PM

Netfilix released a new show on April 12, Special, that is supposedly a comedy, but is really a woke double whammy about a disabled gay man trying to make his way in the workplace. As if that wasn't enough, they sprinkle in more left-wing content along the way. Five minutes into the first episode, "Cerebral LOLzy," we find out that one of the main characters supposedly had an orgasm during an abortion.

The semi-biographical show follows Ryan (Ryan O'Connell), a young man with cerebral palsy embarking on a new career at a Buzzfeed-like online outlet that is all about viral content. He is mildly injured in a car accident shortly before starting this job and, when people at work assume that's the cause of his disability, he lets them go on believing it. 

On his first day of work, boss Olivia (Marla Mindelle) is looking for a viral story, and suggests that Samantha (Gina Hughes) share something personal.



Olivia: Okay, you guys, listen up. I need viral content now. Samantha, remember when you told everyone about the unexpected orgasm you had during your abortion? 
Samantha: Umm, actually, that was just to you, and it was in complete confidence. 
Woman: Oh, my God.
Olivia: Oops? Umm, ok, well now that I've freed you from the shame of your secret can you like, can you write about it? Or...

This entire show is trying to cram as much social justice nonsense as they can into 8 episodes, which are each only about 15 minutes long. In that way, it's quite a bit like some of these viral sites, which will exploit any social justice theme for clicks.

The gay publication the Advocate says, "O'Connell set out to destigmatize sex work as well as gay sex." There were comments that "straight white men are canceled," and Ryan hires a sex worker to lose his virginity, which is presented as a completely reasonable alternative to a loving relationship. The sex worker himself seems to enjoy this line of work and O'Connell voiced his appreciation to the Advocate, saying, "I think they do an incredible service."

One gay man in the show says he picks up straight men at gun shows for sex, strongly implying that the conservative-leaning men at gun shows are obviously in the closet. When Ryan is finally hired at the end of his internship, it's as a contractor, which they tell him isn't a big deal because, with his pre-existing health issues, he would never get insurance anyway. 

The comment about having an orgasm during an abortion, however, is by far the worst. Post-abortive women say that an abortion is, at best, uncomfortable, and often quite painful, despite claims from Planned Parenthood to be all about taking care of women. No matter what you may find in some dark corners of the internet, it does women a great disservice to pretend that they're going to find pleasure in an abortion, physical or emotional.