'Not a Man on That Stage I Wouldn't Gladly Knee in the Groin,' Tweets Liberal Columnist

February 25th, 2016 10:55 PM

Are Republican presidential candidates “crazy zealot[s],” part of a “terrorist organization” or just deserving of a “knee in the groin?” Just ask Daily Beast columnist Ana Marie Cox, who Tweeted out all of that during the GOP debate.

Five days before Super Tuesday, the remaining five GOP candidates gathered in Texas at the University of Houston for the second CNN debate. This is the only GOP debate translated and aired live on Spanish language network, Telemundo.

During the Feb. 25 debate, lefty Daily Beast and New York Times Magazine contributor, Ana Marie Cox, unleashed a livestream firestorm against the GOP candidates, which culminated in her labeling the entire GOP a “terrorist group.”

Cox also joked about getting physically violent with the GOP candidates:

Even though Cox claimed to “come out” as a “Christian” in March 2015, her actions (and tweets) are everything but.

In 2014, she intentionally confused Christian voters’ goals with those of radical islamists. Then in September 2015, she defended Planned Parenthood funding against “radically unhinged” GOP candidates who called for defunding the abortion giant.

The Feb. 25 GOP debate was originally scheduled to be hosted by NBC, but was given to CNN instead when a previous GOP debate on NBC was overrun with liberal bias.