Vanity Fair Decries Dark ‘Trumpian Future of Abortion in America’

August 22nd, 2019 3:37 PM

“Republican politics are returning America to a past where only the wealthy have access to safe, legal abortion,” bemoaned lefty rag Vanity Fair in an article on Wednesday highlighting the pricey abortion concierge services available to the rich.

Author Caitlin Moscatello touted VIP abortions at private clinics and MedSpas that have ritzy waiting rooms with glass chandeliers for those who want “care that’s quick, private, and exclusive.” Often for celebrities, public figures, and the wealthy or their partners, these abortion spas offer a la carte menu upgrade options for purchase, with one “Ultimate VIP” abortion package costing $10,000 for benefits including luxury car service, private use of the entire office, and a plush recovery room.

Moscatello is of two minds about VIP abortions. She likes the fact that concierge services for abortion “puts what is too often seen as a taboo area of medicine rightfully in the mainstream.” On the other hand, “the stark contrast between what’s available to wealthy women versus low-income women can be unnerving.” Even worse, “conservative women with means are able to circumvent a system they very well may have put in place with their vote.”

In tweeting out her article, titled “Is This the Trumpian Future of Abortion in America?,” Moscatello commented, “Grateful for abortion providers, and concierge services are available in other areas of medicine. It is troubling though, how wealthy women in conservative states can potentially vote one way, then pay to have the red carpet rolled out for them elsewhere.”

To emphasize this, Moscatello wrote of the owner of Eastside Gynecology in New York City, which commits 4,200 abortions a year, receiving a call from a woman from Georgia and felt the need to remark, “It’s impossible to know her political views (the office didn’t ask), but it’s also impossible not to wonder if she’s among the 70% of white women who cast their ballots for Kemp over pro-choice candidate Stacey Abrams.” Ah, yes, conservative white women get the blame again!

And what’s a good bashing of Republican women without a healthy dose of hypocrisy added on top? Moscatello reported that Dr. Payman Joseph (yes, that’s really the abortionist’s name) of My Choice Medical Center in Los Angeles claimed, “During the 2016 election cycle, he said a patient who was a visible figure in the Republican Party cried and told him, ‘Nobody can know.’”

“Now, the two-tiered system that existed before Roe is beginning to take shape again, as conservative state lawmakers chip away at abortion access,” Moscatello warned, depicting a world before 1973 where wealthy women could get abortions but “low-income women or women without their own means who needed to keep their pregnancies private often resorted to risky self-inductions. Wire hangers. Toxic substances. Throwing themselves down staircases.”

This is why pro-life laws must be stopped, she said, “If conservative lawmakers continue to get their way, we might be looking at a future that more closely resembles the past—one in which abortion care is more starkly stratified than ever, with VIP treatment on one end, and dangerous self-induction, unlicensed procedures, or even death, on the other.” And it's all the fault of those evil rich white conservative women.