'The X-Files' Just Confounded PC Expectations for How Terrorists are Portrayed on TV

February 16th, 2016 5:32 AM

A show that has already attacked conservatives and brought us evil pro-life Catholics this season just portrayed terrorists in a totally unexpected way.

The X-Files episode “Babylon” begins with a young Muslim man praying to Allah before going about his day, speaking Arabic with a friend and heading to an art gallery. But in The X-Files, nothing is ever as it seems and audience members have learned after many years to anticipate a big twist in the cold opening. In this case, we’re thinking, surely they are going to be politically correct and the Muslim aspect is just a red herring. One reviewer even admitted to PRAYING, “Please don’t be terrorists, please don’t be terrorists, please don’t be terrorists…” 

But much to our surprise, we find out that the two young Arabic-speaking Muslim men who perfectly fit the profile of Islamic terrorists ARE in fact Islamic terrorists! (Liberals must be so disappointed! After all, primetime shows have recently resorted to having their terrorists be Chinese immigrants or anti-government militias to be PC. Countdown to CAIR freak out in 3…2…1…)

The terrorists detonate suicide vests inside a Texas art gallery that was showing an image of “Mohammed sitting on a toilet defecating radical Islamists,” killing 9 people, in an attack eerily similar to a thwarted terrorist plot against a Muhammad art exhibit in Garland, Texas, last year. Even the language used in the news is similar: “Using artwork to desecrate the prophet of someone else's religion just incites fanatical terrorists,” says one TV commentator on The X-Files, echoing a real life Hardball broadcast about the Garland terror attempt that said the victims "incited" the attack.

But most powerful is this juxtaposition of two talking heads on a TV in the background arguing about “hate speech” and the age-old question of “why they hate us” while a radical Muslim silently puts together a new bomb.

-Woman (on TV): When did radical Muslims become a protected class in America? 

-Man (on TV): When the Founding Fathers signed the Constitution-- that's when. 

-Woman: The same document that's supposed to protect my freedom of speech. 

-Man: But not your freedom to hate! 

-Woman: What is wrong with you? 

-Man: It is not a freedom to hate! Why do you think these guys are acting this way? Why do you think that guy went up and shot five servicemen in Chattanooga? Because they loved him? Because we treated him well? Because we don't plaster their names as terrorists all over the media? No! Because we hate them. 

-Woman: We do not hate them. I will not... No, we do not hate them. And I will not allow for that. We are not going to continue to spread lies about a people... 

Notice the terrorist is not watching the TV and getting angry. The comments are not radicalizing him; he is patiently building a bomb. A bleeding heart liberal pleading for love to trump hate will not sway him either. As one special agent warns, “There's a large and unassimilated Muslim community in the area, with one shared wish: To wipe you and America off the map.” 

Of course, the episode being based in Texas, they had to throw in the stereotypical drunk rednecks in a pickup truck pulling up next to the soon-to-be terrorist, calling him “brownie” and asking, “Are we in the wrong country?” Then there’s the nurse who wants the terrorist dead ranting about Muslim immigrants taking jobs and using government benefits paid for by her tax dollars, all as part of some grand U.N. conspiracy.

-Nurse: You know, I've never seen a patient receive so much attention... Especially one who's so unworthy of it. 

-Agent Einstein: Well, this is a special case.

-Nurse: Just like all those immigrant groups coming over here, taking all our jobs, clogging up the health care system and our schools, and they don't even speak English. 

-Einstein: We're not gonna fix that right now, so... 

-Nurse: A church group brought 200 Arab refugees to our town, and now they're saying that they want to bring more. 

-Einstein: Maybe we need to come back. Or maybe... We can talk outside. 

-Nurse: It's all part of a government program paid for by my tax dollars, which means that I come to work every day, and I pay for these people... So I did some research, and I found out that this is all part of a plot by the United Nations to get these people into the U.S., so that they can form terrorist cells. 

-Einstein: That sounds very suspicious. 

-Nurse: Yeah. You turn your back on these people, you're taking your chance. 

Hitting conservative Texans as racist rednecks? Totally predictable. Showing young Muslim men as terrorists? Totally unexpected.