Tim Allen: Obama's 'Turned into an Eight-Year Nightmare'

February 5th, 2016 9:57 PM

Maybe ABC got a message from the higher ups that the show Last Man Standing was getting a little too conservative and anti-Obama for their liking. This week for the first time this season, in the episode "Home Sweet Loan," when Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) gave a great line mocking Obama, his hippy-dippy liberal son-in-law came back with a rejoinder defending him: 

-Mike: I thought you guys were thinking of moving out and buying a house. Boyd would be able to play in a yard instead of going to the park to look at girls'...minds. 

-Kristin: Yeah, we're not really in a rush. We have a five-year plan. 

-Mike: Well, sometimes, plans don't work out like that. I had a four-year plan with Obama. It's turned into an eight-year nightmare. 

-Ryan: My nightmare is being buried alive, and yours is eight years of prosperity? That's weird. 

-Mike: I just don't like the guy. Get off my back. 

Ok, so the idea that Obama gave us eight years of prosperity IS a complete joke that had me LOLing - just not in the way the liberal writers were intending.