New 'Big, Gay Divorce Comedy' Coming to Amazon

August 3rd, 2021 5:08 PM

Video streaming platforms are now competing against each other for the gayest new movie, “Ex-Husbands.” Amazon won the bidding war for this new comedy which was created by American actor Billy Eichner and writer Paul Rudnick who are both openly gay. Not only will this series glorify gay relationships, but it also paints divorce as “epic.” 

Rudnick is also the author of the fiction book “Playing the Palace,” which tells the story of the royal family but with LGBT family members. Both he and Eichner have openly campaigned and pushed for more representation of the LGBT community in the film industry. In July of 2020, Eichner slammed Hollywood for being hypocritical and only using gay characters in “such limited ways.”

Their fight to take over the industry and force even more LGBT propaganda into their viewers' lives has definitely paid off. The new film will tell the story of Daniel and Connor, the first gay couple to get legally married in 2015. They were “madly in love” but now they're ending their landmark relationship with an “epic divorce.”

Eichner said:

“The concept of a big, gay divorce comedy has been kicking around in my head for years and I cannot think of better collaborators than groundbreaking producers Greg [Berlanti] and Sarah [Schechter], and a true icon whose work I have craved and admired since I was a young gay boy lusting after show business, the brilliant Paul Rudnick who really paved the way for me and many others. And we now have the perfect partners in Amazon, who have already shown enormous passion for this project. This is a dream team. Now, LET’S GET DIVORCED!!!”

Hollywood is no longer about finding the best actors and actresses it’s now about choosing as many LGBTQABCDE characters as possible in an attempt to please the deranged leftists and be as woke as possible. 

Rudnick stated, “Ex-Husbands has the potential to be wildly funny, emotional and altogether delightful.” Divorce is not meant to be a good time, or encouraged. One of the major goals of the left-wing party is to destroy the nuclear family and they are now using comedies to push their agenda. 

The era of good movies is quickly ending because people are too focused on being woke and not focused on actually being good at their jobs.