Televised Child Abuse: Courteney Cox Show Features Man Attempting to Breastfeed Baby

July 13th, 2021 3:11 PM

Friends should keep having reunions, if only to keep Courteney Cox from grossing everybody out with her “9 Months with Courteney Cox” Facebook docu-series. The show selects couples from around the country and gives them cameras to document their own “surprising” and “heartfelt” pregnancy journeys. But there's really nothing surprising in its choice in featuring transgender couples, gay couples and teenagers who were accidentally impregnated out of wedlock. 

In a pro-baby killing society where almost half of the country believes that life does not start at conception one could only hope that a show about the nine long months of pregnancy would bring some positive light to the idea of parenthood. Instead, we get a freak show of dysfunctional people pretending to circumvent biology. 

The series is currently on season three and in June it released an episode featuring a trans couple who swapped roles. Cox describes this couple’s story as one of overcoming “trans discrimination.” The woman in the relationship identifies as a man but is pregnant, and the man identifies as the mother and had implants in an attempt to breastfeed the baby. No, I am not making this up. Watch for yourself:



That poor child is now being raised in a household with two mentally ill parents who are supposed to help their kid through life but don’t even know their own gender. God bless that baby.

This isn’t the first transgender couple that has been praised by the show either. In the first season there were two women in a relationship and one, Marnie, identified as “non-binary.” Marnie then decided that she wanted to be the one to carry the baby, saying “up until a couple months ago the idea of being pregnant was a distinctly female thing. But I don’t have the fear anymore that being pregnant is going to negate my non-binary identity.”

Maybe your fear should be for your baby instead of your "identity." Instead of choosing a couple for the show who will set a good example for future parents and exemplify responsibility, Cox and her producers chose these people. Seriously.

But wait - there’s more. The show also follows the story of a gay man and a gay woman who get together for the sole purpose of having a baby. They both claim that they’re tired of dating and just want to be parents so they decided the best way to make that happen was to put their best interests before the babies. 

Really classy Courteney. Just another reason to keep your children away from Facebook.