The IRS Is America's 'Unbridled Bastard Child' Which 'Our Founders Would Have Never Conceived'

October 13th, 2014 9:32 PM

So, here we are roughly 500 days after the IRS was caught red-handed using fear and intimidation to target and wage war on conservative groups, including tea party patriots, pro-Israel advocates and Christian organizations. And still we the people haven't seen a single email implicating any IRS official. 

And what do we get after the Internal Revenue Service's reign of Mafia-like tactics against conservatives? More of the same! Or do we really believe that the IRS is now miraculously neutral and unbiased as it "coincidentally" focuses on more critics of the federal government and Obamacare? After all, patriots such as Dr. Ben Carson, filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza, cancer patient Bill Elliott and Breitbart News Network CEO Larry Solov were slapped with audits and federal government witch hunts after they spoke out against government ineptness and corruption.

Added most recently to the IRS' enemy hit list is Logan Clements, producer of "Sick and Sicker: ObamaCare Canadian Style" (due to be released Nov. 4), another insightful must-see movie on the inside workings of what happens "when the government becomes your doctor." Clements was hit with an audit by the IRS, even though he had never been audited before in his life. But I'm sure that's just a coincidence, too, right?

CNN may defend the integrity of the IRS by saying that a few progressive groups were targeted, too, for tax swindling, but its producers know all too well the manipulative motive and covert underhandedness of this administration against conservatives. How many times do we need to vomit the dirty-laundry list?

We already know that the IRS, which wasn't created until over a century after the Founding Fathers gave birth to our nation, is an unconstitutional and unbridled bastard child of our republic — one that our founders would have never even conceived.

Thomas Jefferson — who brought down national debt, even while making the Louisiana Purchase — shared his unorthodox government secret during his 1802 State of the Union address: "When merely by avoiding false objects of expense we are able — without a direct tax, without internal taxes and without borrowing — to make large and effectual payments toward the discharge of our public debt and the emancipation of our posterity from that mortal canker, it is an encouragement, fellow citizens, of the highest order to proceed as we have begun in substituting economy for taxation and in pursuing what is useful for a nation placed as we are, rather than what is practiced by others under different circumstances."

Jefferson also said that when overwhelmed by tyranny and corruption, we the people must fight back with education and power. That's why I'm recommending that everyone get out this Tuesday to watch the movie "UnFair: Exposing the IRS" at 7 p.m. It's screening for one night only at theaters across the nation.

As the "UnFair" website explains, it is a 90-minute "documentary motion picture intended for all audiences. It will be the first major theatrical documentary to shed light on the certain damage the Income Tax and the IRS have wrought on our liberties, our businesses, our families, and our religious, charitable and civic organizations, while empowering a political agenda contrary to America's heritage."

You can watch a trailer of "UnFair" and locate a theater near you that is showing the movie by going to

Just like you, I'm beyond sick and tired of this IRS and federal government circus, but I will not quit fighting for my country and the tenets of liberty as our founders established them. That's why I wrote and still believe every paragraph of my latest New York Times best-seller, "Black Belt Patriotism," which is my cultural manifesto based upon the critical documents of our republic — the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and even the Ten Commandments. If you haven't read it, you can still get a free chapter by going to

If we don't fight for our country, then who will? And who will leave the legacy of liberty to our posterity?

Don't ever tire of speaking up and fighting against those things that dismantle our country. And that's another reason for getting out to your local theater Tuesday night and echoing the battle cry, "Unfair!"

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