Paul Krugman to Biden: Your Economic Messaging Isn’t Working, Keep Doing It

June 7th, 2024 3:49 PM

In New York Times columnist Paul Krugman’s latest Bidenomics propaganda piece, he reveals the extent of his delusional state when he actually characterized the president’s economy as a “success.” 

Krugman published a June 3 op-ed fawning over the Biden economy headlined, “Should Biden Downplay His Own Success.” For most of the article, Krugman continues his classic pattern of ignoring inconvenient facts and rebuking struggling Americans as whiners. But when Krugman once again complained about the American public persistently giving President Joe Biden low marks on the economy, he offered the president some wildly illogical advice.  Krugman’s big advice for Biden is to double-down on the same economic messaging that apparently isn’t reaching the average American in polls. 

Krugman wrote, “So how should Biden and his people talk about the economy now? I’d suggest that they simply tell the truth as they see it. Which, as far as I can tell, is what they’ve been doing all along.” Forget the voters, suggests Krugman, “There’s overwhelming evidence that most Americans’ negative views about the economy don’t reflect their lived experience.” Wow, that’s pretty easy for a media talking head worth $5 million to say. It doesn’t appear he needs to worry about his lived experience. 

Krugman somehow acknowledges that Biden “telling voters to buck up and realize how good they have it would also be a bad move.” However, Krugman seems to have no problem making that argument for the president himself. He then pivots again into a complete lack of self-awareness:

“To be clear, nobody is suggesting that Biden administration officials should tell Americans to sit down, eat their Happy Meals and stop complaining.”

Not only did Krugman  just do exactly that in his latest piece, he is the same public figure who recently condescended to Americans by lecturing them that the reason why they hate the economy so much is really just because they “hate Biden.”  In effect, Krugman twisted himself into a contradiction pretzel. 

Krugman also apparently couldn’t stand his colleagues within the liberal media drum circle being more realistic about the precarious state of the economy. He railed at The Washington Post and Financial Times for suggesting that Biden is turning away American voters by bragging about the economy.  In Krugman’s twilight zone, the economy “isn’t bad,” it’s “remarkable” even, the growth of which is the “envy of other wealthy nations.”  Krugman conveniently left out the part that much of the so-called “growth” is being bought by the government via an enormous amount of debt, as Heritage Foundation economist EJ Antoni pointed out May 30. As the old saying goes, the devil’s in the details, but don’t expect Krugman to be forthcoming about it.

As is consistently the case, Krugman forgets that Americans paying higher prices under Biden are capable of remembering that things used to be better. Americans have endured 5.5% inflation monthly under President Biden, after only enduring an average of 1.9% inflation under former President Trump. Krugman even tried to excuse the recent acceleration in prices as a possible “statistical blip.” Talk about wishful thinking on steroids.   

Krugman didn’t bother mentioning gas prices, which have risen from $2.42 when Trump left office in Jan 2021 to $3.73 as of April 2024. He also didn’t care to address how this “remarkable” economy includes a decline in real wages since Biden took office. 

This economy that’s supposedly the “envy of other wealthy nations” has also seen rising mortgage rates, making it much harder for Americans to buy a home. Home insurance costs are also rising

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