COLLUSION: Adobe CEO Boasts 'We've Been Working with the White House' on Disinfo

March 6th, 2024 3:13 PM

Adobe chair and CEO Shantanu Narayen gave a disturbing answer on the role of government in combating “disinformation” and his company’s collaboration with the Biden Administration on the matter.  

Narayen discussed Adobe’s work with both U.S. and global governments during a conversation with The Washington Post Live on Tuesday. While addressing host and Post Columnist Geoffrey Fowler, Narayen said the quiet part out loud by admitting Adobe has “been working with the White House” on disinformation and artificial intelligence.

Narayen’s remarks came in response to a question from an audience member named Edward Jopeck. “‘How should the government be helping assess and manage the risks posed by the combination of AI and disinformation?’ What role do you think they should play?” Fowler asked, reciting the posed question.

It seems the dystopian saga of Big Tech-Government collusion carries on with impunity, with Narayan disturbingly admitting that the White House is “extremely interested” in how the tech industry and government “work together” to tackle disinformation ahead of the 2024 election.

This big tech collusion with the government may be prohibited in the future. The Supreme Court will hear a case on the extent to which Big Tech can collaborate with the federal government, sparked by federal government pressure on tech companies such as X (formerly Twitter) to censor constitutionally protected content. 

Adobe has worked with several other tech companies and even the BBC to label AI and real images while extracting location and time data from pictures taken with certain cameras. This issue came up during The Post event as Narayan spoke up in favor of “content credentials” identifying the source of each image. 

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