Elon Musk at Auschwitz: DEI Is ‘Discrimination,’ ‘Fundamentally Anti-Semitic’

January 23rd, 2024 12:46 PM

X owner Elon Musk made clear that the diversity, equity and inclusion agenda is a source of hatred and racism. 

During a conversation with The Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro at the January 2024 European Jewish Association Delegation to Auschwitz, Musk connected anti-Semitic campus protests to DEI initiatives. Musk told Shapiro that diversity, equity, and inclusion “all sound like nice words, but what it really means is discrimination on the basis of race, sex and sexual orientation and it’s against merit and thus I think it’s fundamentally anti-Semitic.”

Earlier in the discussion, Shapiro went after the “conspiracy theory about power” that underlies anti-Semitism and the DEI agenda: the demonization of a group as an “oppressor class” over the rest of society. Shapiro called this conspiracy theory “really ugly” and added that he saw “echoes” of this theory in the present. “We see the diversity equity and inclusion ideology that basically suggests that all of society is a vast pyramid of group identity and that at the very top are the people who are successful and that those people are exploiting everybody else,” Shapiro said. “You can tell who is successful by their group identity not by their level of success, by their group identity. That matches up incredibly, that syncs up almost a Venn diagram circle with anti-Semitism.”

This DEI ideology, which leads to racial discrimination, also ignited campus protests in support of Hamas after the brutal terror attack of Oct. 7 in Israel. Musk referred to these protests as a “shocking wake-up call.”

Musk offered some solutions that cut to the heart of DEI. “I think we really need to stop this principle that the weaker, normally the weaker party is always right. This is simply not true. If you are, in quotes, ‘oppressed’ or ‘the weaker party,’ it doesn’t mean you’re right. Because if some of those weaker groups want to annihilate you that does not make them good. We have to get rid of the rule that if you’re weaker you’re automatically good.”

Musk panned the absurdity of coddling people who want “to kill you.” He added, “I’m a great believer in moral absolutism, not moral relativism. There is good and bad in the absolute and you judge any group and individual against absolute moral standards — not whether they’re the so-called ‘oppressed’ or ‘oppressor’—  just on absolute moral terms: ‘Are they doing good things? Do they want to murder innocent people?’ That’s bad. It doesn’t matter who they are.” 

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