Rob Schneider: Fire United Airlines CEO for Putting Woke DEI Over Safety

January 22nd, 2024 3:25 PM

Actor Rob Schneider put a wokeism-obsessed United Airlines CEO on notice after a dangerous incident occurred on his watch. 

Schneider called for United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby to be fired in a Jan. 21 X (formerly Twitter) post after a flight nearly crashed into the ocean. Schneider verbally mauled Kirby, writing: “I cannot tell you how many @UnitedAirlines employees have personally thanked me for my valid criticism of your careless and life-threatening leadership. I look forward to your swift dismissal by UA’s board of directors before your inane actions cause the deaths of hundreds of men, women and children.”

Schneider went on to mock Kirby for reportedly dancing in drag, “After your inevitable firing you can get back to your true passion, your Drag Queen performances.” 

The actor promised that he and his family were done flying with United Airlines, referencing Kirby’s obsession with “diversity” and the recent near-crash. Schneider said, “You have clearly placed ‘diversity’ of pilot hiring above safety of passengers and crew. As evidenced by the near aviation catastrophe of UA Boeing 777 flight 1722 from Maui to San Francisco [Dec. 18, 2022], where your diverse but incompetent flight crew didn’t know which flaps were causing its near disastrous dissent, coming within 750 feet of killing every one aboard your United Airline.”

Kirby expounded on his thoughts on diversity during a 2022 interview with Axios, making clear that he supported the discriminatory practices that ironically undergirded the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) ideology. Kirby told his interviewer that “we have committed that 50% of the–classes will be women or people of color,” strongly hinting that race and gender would be important considerations for who his airline would train. 

In December 2022, a United Airlines flight from Maui, Hawaii to San Francisco dove toward the ocean, only correcting once the plane was 748 feet from the water. Allegedly, the plane dove after a miscommunication between pilots. United Airlines’ flirtation with catastrophe is only the latest dangerous incident in the industry. During an Alaska Airlines flight, a door flew off a Boeing jet during the flight.  Elsewhere, an air traffic employee had to Google how to help a pilot land, while there has been a 63% rise in near mid-air collisions since the Biden Administration took over air traffic control.  

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