Matt Walsh: ‘Insane’ DEI Push Lowers Airline Standards

January 16th, 2024 12:16 PM

The Daily Wire host Matt Walsh laid bare the perverse logic of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, especially in air travel. 

Walsh panned a Federal Aviation Administration Diversity and Inclusion hiring initiative during the Jan. 15 edition of The Matt Walsh Show, arguing for hiring the most qualified people regardless of their race or gender to avoid lowering standards. Walsh said that companies inevitably lower standards when they prioritize getting more of a group of people rather than finding the people with the highest qualifications. Walsh made clear that pursuing diversity equity and inclusion necessarily “means the standards are going down,” dismissing the ideology as “insane on many levels.”

Walsh went on to give free advice to the airlines: the racial or gender makeup of a qualified group of employees is “not a problem that needs to be solved.”

He added, “As long as you’re bringing in the most qualified people — whatever the demographic makeup happens to be at the end of that — [it] doesn’t matter. It's not a problem … “As long as race is not taken into account at all, and you’re just hiring the best people.” 

Earlier in the show, Walsh avoided popular leftist strawmen by carefully explaining the difference between being open to all qualified employees and discriminating against qualified employees to increase the representation of a group of people. 

Walsh played a 2022 Axios interview with United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby to illustrate how DEI pushes demographic considerations. In the interview, the feckless CEO groveled before a leftist interviewer asking him to confess his sins against diversity. 

Walsh went on to mock Kirby for embracing DEI discrimination. Walsh used the arguments of DEI proponents attacking air travel as a predominantly white field to mock and discredit their wish to discriminate against white employees. 

Walsh said, “The people that have made air travel into the safest form of travel that’s ever existed—the form of travel where you’re 35,000 feet in the air and going 400 miles per hour and that’s the safest? And the people who predominantly achieved that are white males. And how do we thank them? Let’s get them out of [there].”

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