Tucker Calls Out Legacy Media for Ignoring Anti-Environmentalist Uprising

January 12th, 2024 11:28 AM

Independent journalist Tucker Carlson laid into the media for ignoring massive protests against the net zero agenda. 

Carlson slammed the legacy media for ignoring “big events, mass movements that will change the course of history” such as the massive anti-environmentalist protests going on in Germany during the Jan. 10 edition of his show, Tucker Carlson Uncensored. Carlson highlighted the implications of the massive protests in Germany, which he described as the "most powerful" European country. “Farmers there have blocked roads across the country,” Carlson declared. “These are massive protests. If they were happening here, a lot of the United States would shut down, but because they’re happening there most people have no idea that it’s going on.”

To address this issue, Carlson spoke to political commentator and lawyer Eva Vlaardingerbroek, who hails from the Netherlands, a country that provoked massive protests against it’s net zero agenda. Vlaardingerbroek agreed that the media was ignoring the protest. “The reason the German farmers are protesting right now is actually because of a decision by the German government sparked a lot of anger. The German government has decided-to basically eliminate a tax break on agricultural diesel,” she said. 

However, Vlaardingerbroke also made clear that this decision was only the latest attack on German farmers’ way of life, adding that the German government had taken many recent steps to “harass” and “attack” German farmers.  She added, “The German farmers are subjected–just like the Dutch farmers and a lot of farmers around the Western world–to all sorts of new regulations and restrictions all of the time and quite frankly, they feel unheard; they feel unwanted; they feel like they are being harassed off of their land basically and they are sick and tired of feeling like they have no right to exist.” 

In response to this persecution, Vlaardingerbroek remarked that “the German farmers have announced huge protests and they’ve also started on Monday with massive roadblocks, nationwide—protests that we haven’t seen in this type of magnitude in Germany ever before.” She tore into the German government, saying that the farmers “feel that they are being ruled by people who hate them and I think that they’re right. The establishment in Germany seems to hate everything that the farmers, the blue-collar workers, the ordinary German citizens stand for, and that’s why these protests are so massively important.” 

Vlaardingerbroek’s own country, the Netherlands, was also the site of massive protests against government attacks on agriculture. Farmers protested after the government announced plans to massively cut nitrogen use in agriculture, possibly by reducing the number of farms and cattle. 

This agenda was also enacted in Sri Lanka with devastating results. After banning chemical fertilizer, Sri Lanka saw a massive decline in agricultural production followed by a spike in prices. Sri Lanka’s embrace of the net zero agenda ultimately resulted in an angry mob sacking the president's residence as the president fled the country.

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