Former EPA Chief Explains to Fox News Why Biden EV Mandate Is Doomed

January 2nd, 2024 5:07 PM

Former EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler lit up President Joe Biden for pushing draconian electric vehicle mandates on the American people while presiding over a disastrous rollout of supporting infrastructure. 

During a Dec. 30 Fox News appearance, Wheeler told Fox News Contributor Charles Hurt that Biden is plunging ahead with plans to radically alter what type of vehicles Americans can drive in the future. “The Biden administration is doubling down on requiring people to buy electric vehicles without having the infrastructure in place,” Wheeler said, before mentioning the dangerous regulation coming down the pike. “Biden called for 50% of all new sales, car sales to be EVs by 2030 and they just released a new EPA regulation calling for 67 percent of new car sales to be EVs by 2032. And last year while we sold a million EV cars — I think that’s great, I’m all for consumer choice if people want to buy them — but what they’re trying to do is social engineer people into EVs regardless of the cost and regardless of the environmental cost or the impact to society.” 

Wheeler made the point that Biden is not only trying to force electric vehicles on Americans, but also has presided over $7.5 billion in spending on electric chargers for these vehicles in 2021. Wheeler agreed with Hurt on the slow pace and minuscule results of the billions Biden flushed down the drain after Hurt noted that only one charger had been built so far. “That first charger was built in Ohio, which is where I am today. There’s a few chargers that are in development in New York as well, but you’re right it's taken 2 years 7.5 billion dollars and they’re just starting to deploy the chargers,” Wheeler said.

The former EPA administrator didn’t stop at noting wasteful spending and government coercion of Americans’ choices. Wheeler also pointed out that a shift towards electric vehicles would make the United States more dependent on China and counterintuitively harm the environment rather than help it. Referring to electric vehicles, Wheeler added, “I think people should have the choice to buy them if they want to, but that’s not where they’re headed, that’s not what they’re mandating and forcing, and we’re reliant on China for the raw materials and rare earth minerals to go into the batteries that power these cars.” 

Wheeler went on to heavily criticize the supply chain necessary for such a shift, noting that, “Just this week there was an explosion at a Chinese-owned nickel factory in Indonesia that killed 18 people. When China is mining for these minerals and when they’re building these batteries, they’re not following good environmental standards and they’re not following good safety standards for the workers either and that’s who we’re relying upon to fuel these electric vehicles here in the United States.”

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