Tucker Carlson Torches ‘Racial Fascism’ at IBM

December 29th, 2023 12:14 PM

Independent journalist Tucker Carlson tore into IBM CEO Arvind Krishna for promoting racism in pay and hiring at his company. 

Carlson called out Krishna for supporting “racial fascism” on the Dec. 28 edition of his show after leaked footage revealed racist hiring policies and incentives at IBM. Tucker took this opportunity to condemn Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, pointing out the damage done by DEI in this case and in general. He said, “Affirmative action and its new version, DEI are of course forms of anti-white racism. White men are at a structural disadvantage in getting jobs, in getting contracts in getting into schools.” 

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Carlson stressed the concerning impact that DEI has on immigration. “Few people understand just how corrosive this is to the country and to the idea of the country,” he said, later calling Krishna “a perfect example of why [DEI] is a bad idea.” 

The journalist explained, “Krishna is an immigrant to this country, he’s clearly smart, he clearly works hard, in over thirty years he’s ascended to the top of IBM, he’s now the CEO. But rather than promoting the ideas that made this country great, meritocracy, he has bought in completely, possibly because he has to, into our racial hierarchy, into our form of modern Jim Crow.”

Carlson added that, “New immigrants to this country are told immediately that the people who founded this country, that white men, they are evil. Not only does this inculcate racism in our immigrants, which is a terrifying prospect, but it also makes the workplace a hellscape, a sort of corporate Jim Crow structure that degrades everyone and is inherently immoral.”

Carlson continued to go after Krishna, noting the leaked footage included “the CEO of IBM telling his employees to hire fewer white men or they’ll be punished, their pay will be cut,” before playing a video clip of Krishna tying higher and lower bonuses to racial discrimination in hiring.

Another part of the same leaked meeting footage showed a clip of Red Hat CEO Matt Hicks admitting that employees who opposed DEI initiatives are no longer with his company. Red Hat was acquired by IBM in 2019. 

After showing his audience what DEI looks like in practice, Carlson asked viewers to reject friendly marketing around DEI initiatives, and not to fall for the “language of sensitivity and inclusion.” Carlson said that the discrimination caused by these initiatives is, “incompatible with the continued existence of the United States of America.” 

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