Marc Morano on Fox Business: 'Go After the Entire Net Zero Agenda'

December 28th, 2023 1:40 PM

Climate Depot founder Marc Morano eviscerated leftist climate propaganda pushed by elites during an appearance on Fox Business Tuesday. 

Morano pointed out the undeniable damage caused by climate policies on a Dec. 26 segment of Fox Business’s The Bottom Line. During the segment, he reacted to the latest apocalyptic musings of South Park star Al Gore. Morano shredded elites who speculated about damage from “climate change” while ignoring damage from climate policy.

The Climate Depot founder warned that Al Gore is pushing for a future where Gore “and his friends at the United Nations, at the World Economic Forum and now at the World Health Organization are going to control our food and agricultural decisions, our transportation decisions whether it's the gas-powered car bans and, of course, all of our energy decisions.” Morano added, “So make no mistake, it's the climate policy that poses a threat, not climate change.” Later in the segment he unequivocally urged viewers to “go after the entire net zero agenda.” 

Morano highlighted the insane fear-mongering spewed by climate activists like Gore. “When you see all those headlines and all the media at the end of the year, what they're doing is they're selling fear no different than what they did during COVID because when you’re afraid you make poor decisions and you allow authoritarians to take over. That's exactly what we're witnessing here with–juiced scientific claims as well.” 

He brought up Gore’s fear of a “billion climate refugees” noting that there may be migration but again pointed out that: “It’s climate policy not climate change that is going to drive migration.” He noted the catastrophic effects of such policies. “What we’re finding is people in Sri Lanka followed climate policy to the collapse of their government–their presidential palace was overrun. The farmers in the–Netherlands were subjected to climate policy, and they almost crushed all the small family-run farms.”

Morano urged Fox Business viewers to question whether environmentalists’ goals should be implemented at all and asked viewers to question whether extreme measures like giving up the gas-powered car and eating meat are actually necessary. He encouraged listeners instead to reject the net zero movement entirely, “I'm arguing we need to challenge this entire premise. They are using climate fear to literally restrict and collapse energy, agriculture, transportation, go right after our freedom of movement.” 

Morano further demonstrated just how extreme the implications of the climate change movement really are when he referenced a study claiming that human breathing contributes to climate change. If it was not clear before, humans are one of the carbon sources that many of these elites wish to reduce. 

Morano also emphasized the undemocratic nature of this environmental movement decided by “executive orders, mid-level bureaucrats, corporate government collusion” and “executive agencies.” 

He called out billionaire leftists such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos by name for buying up vast amounts of American farmland. After detailing Bill Gates’ push for “synthetic lab-grown meat” and funding of crackpot “climate change” solutions, Morano compared the restrictions championed by the climate cult to elite support for COVID lockdowns. Morano added, “You have billionaire evil players at all these organizations, and they're saying we can't be saved unless we give over more of our freedom to these billionaires.”

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