Leftist ‘Comedian’ John Oliver Throws Fit Over ‘Less F***able’ Elon Musk Decreasing Censorship

December 19th, 2023 2:30 PM

For his final episode of the year, milquetoast comedian John Oliver took a moment to shill for the dystopian social media censors exposed by The Twitter Files during a 27-minute-long monologue of smearing X owner Elon Musk.

Oliver engaged in fear-mongering about Musk’s management of X (formerly Twitter) after referring to Musk as a “less f*ckable reimagining of Billy Zane’s character from the Titanic” during the Dec. 17 edition of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The leftist comedian went out of his way to minimize the actions of the censorship regime that preceded Musk’s purchase of X, insisting that they were merely “struggling with the impossible job of content moderation” rather than conspiring to censor conservatives. 

In the same monologue, Oliver whined about the dissolution of Twitter’s infamous “Trust and Safety” council, while ignoring the suspension of accounts such as The Babylon Bee for acknowledging biological reality and scathing scandals like the suppression of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Instead, Oliver suggested that the authors of these authoritarian decisions had been too lenient and panned The Twitter Files that exposed them. 

Oliver’s claims came after Musk pledged to make X a free speech platform. Oliver said that Musk “released The Twitter Files, in which he basically mistook the emails of various feckless left-leaning tech weenies struggling with the impossible job of content moderation for a vast elite conspiracy to silence right-wing dipsh*ts.” 

Oliver did not mention most prominent accounts censored before Musk bought the platform but resigned himself to attacking Musk for restoring podcast host Alex Jones and “white supremacists” to the platform.

Since Oliver insisted that there was no conspiracy to silence conservatives, he completely ignored the censorship of biological reality before Elon Musk changed the platform’s rules to allow “deadnaming” and “misgendering.” Nevertheless, Oliver ranted that a “transphobic documentary” — What Is a Woman? — was promoted by Musk on the platform. 

Earlier in Oliver’s obsessive monologue, he mocked Musk for the outfits he wears to events, calling Musk a “less f***able reimagining of Billy Zane’s character from the Titanic.” 

NewsBusters Executive Editor Tim Graham delivered a broadside against Oliver for this attack: “John Oliver is just gross. "F---able" is vulgar and dehumanizing, and if he thinks he fits that word, he's delusional.”

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