Matt Walsh: 'The Bud Light Boycott Is Still On’

December 15th, 2023 10:51 AM

The Daily Wire host Matt Walsh declared that "the Bud Light boycott is still on,” after Dana White called for conservatives to drink the woke company’s beer. 

On the Dec. 13 edition of The Matt Walsh Show, Walsh explained that the successful boycott was incredibly significant and that those who have abandoned Bud Lite should not back down. “[F]or once in our lives, for once ever, in modern American history, conservatives fought back in an organized, competent, effective way. We organized a boycott. We stuck with it,” he said. “We actually made the woke company feel the pain. We imposed our will in a way that conservatives have never been able to do, ever. The Bud Light boycott is by far — and it’s not close — the most effective conservative boycott of a major company ever, of all time.” 

Bud Light partnered with “transgender” actor Dylan Mulvaney, who claimed to be a woman, in April. As Walsh described it, “Bud Light, the foreign-owned brand tried to push [the left’s] trans ideology. It spat in the face of its own customers.” The incident led to a national boycott that cost Bud Light’s parent company Anheuser-Busch billions of dollars and ended Bud Light’s run as America’s top-selling beer. The company’s disastrous, woke blunder caused such universal distaste for the brand that Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth confessed on national television that his company was providing “financial assistance” to wholesalers. Bud Light sales have repeatedly and drastically underperformed month-to-month compared to 2022, among other humiliations. 

Walsh rejected the idea that Bud Light’s recent $100 million deal with the UFC should appease boycotters, and he panned the deal as a “marketing ploy” rather than an apology or a concession, pointing out that the UFC was not a victim of gender ideology. 

The Daily Wire host then laid out his terms for Anheuser Busch’s surrender, noting that it would take a “very compelling strategic reason,” and boycotters would need “some kind of major concession” from Bud Light to end the boycott. “They would need to apologize for pushing transgenderism. They would need to apologize specifically and explicitly. They would need to grovel at our feet in humiliating fashion and disavow gender ideology entirely,” he said. Anything less would mean trading victory for defeat.

Walsh hammered the point home that there are only three endings to a devastating boycott: abject surrender and concessions from the company, financial destruction of the target or boycotters backing down in defeat. As Bud Lite has yet to surrender, Walsh encouraged those boycotting the brand to continue letting the woke beer company face the consequences of its own actions.  “Let them wither and die, let their brand destroy itself, let it burn, I don’t care,” Walsh said. 

He went on to sum up how the boycott goes beyond Bud Lite and why it has been massively successful. “ [W]e have made this company into a cautionary tale,” said Walsh. “The whole point was to put its head on a spike on the edge of town as a warning to others. It’s a trophy for the mantle. We want to show corporate America that this is what we will do, this is what we are capable of doing and willing to do if you spit in our face the way that Bud Light did.” 

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