Shapiro: Biden Seeks to Waste $50 Billion ‘Because, Why the Hell Not!’

October 27th, 2023 10:26 AM

Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro condemned the ever-increasing price tag of President Joe Biden’s spending proposals. 

Shapiro cited a Washington Post article during the Oct. 25 edition of The Ben Shapiro Show to point out that Biden was heaping an additional $50 billion on his $100 billion request for aid to Ukraine, Israel and the U.S. southern border.

“Joe Biden’s plan is to spend more money, not just on foreign policy. He is now calling for $50 billion more on urgent domestic needs. He has one solution, and it’s more cowbell. He just needs a firehose of money and he’s going to fire it everywhere,” Shapiro said, before quoting the article, “‘The proposed legislation will call for more funding for childcare, high speed internet access, natural disaster relief and firefighters battling wildfires, among other domestic policy priorities, according to the White House Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young.’”



Shapiro went on to point out that the original proposal was already a gargantuan spending proposal, saying, “So again, the White House just recently unveiled that $106 billion aid package primarily focusing on funding for Ukraine and Israel and includes Taiwan aid. It includes some border security stuff and now he’s adding on top of that another $50 billion because, why the hell not?”

The proposal reported by The Post came after  the national debt surpassed $33 trillion, in addition to a budget deficit of $1.7 trillion. On Oct. 21, Heritage economist E.J. Antoni pointed out in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that the growing national debt leads to ever-growing interest payments, exceeding $2 trillion a year by 2030. 

Similarly, Shapiro drew attention to how Biden’s proposal would hurt Americans in the near future. “It’s not as though if we keep spending into an inflationary economy, the inflation will continue? That would be crazy!” Shapiro added sarcastically. “That’s exactly what he’s doing by the way and it is going to continue.”

He concluded by summing up Biden’s tenure saying that the president “has been awful on every available front it is possible to be awful.” 

Conservatives are under attack! Contact your representative and ask what they are doing to rein in massive government spending before interest payments threaten America’s ability to ensure Americans safety and live up to her obligations.