Guess What Happened After Tucker Carlson Exposed ‘Trans, Inc’ on Twitter

October 6th, 2023 12:19 PM

Independent journalist Tucker Carlson took a deep dive into how genital mutilation and chemical castration became a lucrative industry. 

During the October 4th edition of his show, Carlson brought on “investment banker and policy guy” Chris Moritz to discuss who benefits from something as “unnatural and prima-facie demented” as transgenderism. Moritz discussed how companies such as Pfizer profit off of puberty blockers, testosterone and estrogen, while making some disturbing comments about the incentivization of harmful drugs and surgeries. It seems that X (formerly Twitter) categorized the video as what X CEO Linda Yaccarino calls “lawful but awful” as the platform appears to have demonetized the video.  

Elon Musk shared the video encouraging his followers to “Follow the money.” However, X  demonetized the post, according to Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik. Raichik suggested that the platform may have taken action against the video for using the words “genital mutilation” in the post accompanying the video. 

In the video, Moritz explained why the health industry has been so quick to accept transgender ideology."There are very perverse incentives for health systems to go full on board with this, this line of service and this line of products," he said. Leftist groups like Human Rights Campaign, Mortiz added, "have established what is essentially ESG for trans. They call it HEI — Health, Equity, Inclusion." Moritz noted that like ESG, or Environmental, Social and Governance standards, HEI scores entities based on their adherence to woke ideology and pressures them into supporting a leftist agenda. "Human Rights Campaign, about fifteen years ago, established this national benchmarking tool, and it effectively is a equity and inclusion gauge for health systems. And it is used coercively,” said Moritz.

Moritz went on to describe a specific example, mentioning that the Children’s National Hospital received a low HEI score in 2020, causing their board of directors to establish a “DEI [Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,] subcommittee and then extended sex-reassignment surgery coverage to all of their employees and their dependents under the age of eighteen.” As a result, Moritz said, their score rose to 100 percent the following year. 

Moritz also broke down how much companies are raking in while permanently damaging adults and children: “The combined value, sales, of sex-reassignment surgeries and the pharmaceutical products in 2018 was $2.94 billion,” he said. “By 2022, that figure had risen to $4.18 billion, and by 2030 our analysis indicates that that would increase to $7.5 billion.” He added that the rapid increase “represents an eight and a half percent compound annual growth rate, which is relatively significant within a healthcare vertical.” 

How did this butchery become such a big business? Moritz referred to Obamacare as the “biggest single policy catalyst” behind the expansion of this grotesque industry. He mentioned an Obamacare provision requiring insurers to cover “medically necessary gender-affirming care” (i.e. genital mutilation and chemical castration), leading to large increases in those types of surgeries. Mortiz also noted that a 2016 amendment to Obamacare also contributed to the growth in transgender “treatments.”  He said the amendment was revoked by former President Donald Trump and restored by President Joe Biden, ensuring that “gender identity could no longer be a basis for denial of coverage by a private insurance company.” 

When asked why any corporation would back transgenderism, Moritz said, “corporate America gets their marching orders from HR departments. HR departments get their marching orders from universities.” 

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