Marc Morano on Climate Change Radicalism: ‘This Is Our World If We Allow It’

October 3rd, 2023 9:58 AM

Climate Depot founder Marc Morano went on FOX and Friends Weekend to warn Americans that French climate radicalism will not stay in France. 

Morano raised the alarm about an extremist climate bill being pushed in European countries, warning that the bill, already implemented in France, presents a looming threat to Americans. Co-hosts Rachel Campos-Duffy and Pete Hegseth brought up a poll showing public support for a measure to eliminate short-distance flights in the name of climate and Morano did not hold back in response. “This is what the French public has been getting indoctrinated in: ‘Flying is evil;’ ‘We’re in a climate emergency,’” he said, before discussing similar proposals in Germany and Austria. “This is our world if we allow it,” Morano warned later in the interview.

During the interview, Morano broke down what was truly at stake. “Bloomberg News has said that cheap airline flights are a thing of the past due to climate compliance costs. This is truly: ‘You will go nowhere and be happy,’” he said, referring to the ‘You'll own nothing and be happy’ phrase. “The public is being severely indoctrinated in this and they’re told that the Earth can’t handle it, unless we radically change your lives and most of these decisions are being imposed on us,” he added, listing the ban on gas-powered cars, agriculture and meat restrictions as examples.

Morano went on to point out how climate radicals are organizing in America and abroad. “This starts from kindergarten [and] goes all the way through college.” The Climate Depot founder highlighted that elementary schools, alongside universities and environmentalist groups, are suing both U.S. and European governments “because essentially our country has not gone full Marxist enough, to ensure they have a livable climate.” He said before diving into specific examples, “ “[W]e saw this in Montana, they want to sue governments to make sure they have a healthy climate which essentially means top-down control of every aspect of your life.” 

He emphasized the radicalness of the “four flights per life” and suggested that Americans could be subjected to such restrictions if President Joe Biden declared a climate emergency. Morano said, “In the climate emergency declaration which Joe Biden wants to do and NBC News said about three weeks ago would give them the same powers as 9/11 emergency executive powers and COVID emergency powers.” Notably, Biden told the weather channel in August that he had already declared a climate emergency, although he had not actually done so.

Morano went on to paint a dire picture of a potential climate emergency “that would literally give the climate activists the ability that you can't fly unless it's an emergency. In other words, unless you have a morally justifiable reason was the exact phrase, you can’t fly. And they are taking away our cars as well, rationing vehicles by banning them, so kids are being indoctrinated from a very young age.”

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