Mark Levin: Biden Oil and Gas Restrictions ‘About Destroying the Energy Industry'

August 30th, 2023 3:10 PM

In response to new energy regulations from the Biden administration, Mark Levin pointed out the endgame of present and past restrictions on American energy and conveniences. 

Levin blasted regulations designed to limit offshore drilling on the August 29 edition of The Mark Levin Show. “It’s not about the environment, it’s about destroying the energy industry and controlling the economy. It’s all about controlling you. They don’t want you to have mobility. They don’t want you to have cheap fuel,” Levin stated. 

Levin took the Biden administration to task not only for the new regulations on energy, but also for past regulations that negatively impact the quality of life of middle class Americans. “They’re driving up the cost of dishwashers. They’re driving up the cost of procuring gas stoves. They’re driving up the cost of washing machines, driving up the costs of ceiling fans. They’ve already eliminated incandescent light bulbs. They just lie. They’re regulating out of existence, the Democrats at the state level, and now the federal level, the combustion engine, for crying out loud,” Levin added before decrying the push for electric vehicles. 

Prior to his big picture analysis, Levin broke down some crippling energy regulations, “They’ve restricted it in Alaska, they’ve restricted it offshore, they’re taking out land based drilling by the millions of acres.” Levin added that the Biden administration is “imposes speed requirements on oil and gas ships, expands protected zones, and limits the hours the vessels can operate.”

Levin went on to bluntly sum these restrictions up, “So they’re killing us by a thousand regulations” pointing out how these changes slow the energy industry down, limit its reach, and cut its hours.   

“You see how they’re shutting down the economy? It’s gonna be impossible to drill wells, to build pipelines, to refine fuel, to purchase cars with combustion engines, it’s closing in through regulations. It’s going to be impossible to heat your home in the winter, to cool your home in the summer. It’s gonna be brownouts and blackouts,” Levin said. 

Levin followed with this warning for Americans: “America, I am painting you the picture that is coming from these people. You’re gonna be limited on how far you can drive, where you can drive, what kind of home you can live in, national zoning. They’re already telling you what home appliances you can and cannot have. Did you believe that would be the case twenty years ago? Ten years ago?”

The man leading the Biden Administration attempted to deny any role in discouraging investment and production in the oil and gas industry at this year’s SOTU, but managed to bring down the House when he immediately followed this denial with “we are going to need oil for at least another decade.”   

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