Climate Scientist to Tucker: Climate Officials ‘Misleading People’ on CO2 Emissions

January 10th, 2024 4:06 PM

Tucker Guest: Climate Officials ‘Misleading People’ on Carbon Dioxide With the climate-crazy legacy media touting their scare-inducing global warming headlines, it has become more important to advocate for truth and freedom.

This is what independent journalist Tucker Carlson set about doing when he invited astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon on The Tucker Carlson Encounter on Jan. 9. In the interview, Dr. Soon eviscerated U.S. and UN climate officials for the dishonesty and “nonsense” that they preach about the effects of the emission of carbon dioxide. “These people want to demonize [carbon dioxide] as some gas that can cause global warming,” Dr. Soon explained. With Dr. Soon describing CO2 to be the “gas of life,” the climate wackos’ attempt to remove it is absolutely insane.



Dr. Soon continued to blast this negative light, saying, “CO2 ain’t gonna cause nothing. It’s not gonna change much of the climatic system.” He asserted that the climate alarmist positions are completely fabricated and that “those few people just dream up this scary story that it just ain’t true.”

Dr. Soon then criticized some of the authorities for their deception of the public. Among them were the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate and what he described as “governmental hackers.” Drawing attention to their alleged distortion of facts, Dr. Soon remarked: “They’ve been using the authority of science which is not true.”

On the list of those reported “hackers” is Climate Envoy John Kerry. Dr. Soon described Kerry as lacking understanding of the science behind climate change. “[Kerry] I guess can barely take a proper physics class, claiming that the greenhouse effect is so simple,” Dr. Soon said. He further described Kerry’s ineptitude as “embarrassing for America.” When Carlson asked if he thought Kerry could describe climate processes, Dr. Soon expressed serious doubts. Those doubts are warranted given that Kerry has shown to be radical in his policies, yet unknowing in how they will work.

Dr. Soon also chastised Al Gore, the former vice president turned environmentalist, for similar incompetence. “Even Al Gore, who claimed to know science, I challenged [him].” This statement rang even more true because Gore has spouted inaccurate takes on the climate. For example, he claimed in 2006 that the oceans would rise by 20 feet “in the near future.”. However, according to estimates done by Fox News, such an increase would take over a thousand years..

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