LA Times Columnist Whines That Americans Are Wrong About Bidenomics

December 21st, 2023 10:51 AM

LA Times Columnist Whines That Americans Are Wrong About BidenomicsLos Angeles Times columnist Doyle McManus mourned the fact that Americans disapprove of the Bidenomics disaster.

McManus, a longtime writer for the LA Times, made the crazy claim in a Dec. 18 column that the economy under Biden is now “almost freakishly good.” McManus also had the audacity to complain about struggling Americans — many of whom are still hit hard by massive inflation — for not praising Biden’s supposed economic success. “How can [the Biden administration] persuade unhappy voters not only that better times are ahead,” McManus whined, “but that he deserves some credit?” Is this guy serious?

But wait, there’s more. The LA Times columnist claimed that disinflation is down and thus Americans should celebrate. “Growth is up. Unemployment is down. Inflation has slowed to about 3%, the lowest pace in almost three years,” McManus claimed. “The Federal Reserve has even hinted that it might cut interest rates, which has sent stock markets soaring. [...] The disconnect isn’t hard to explain.”

Bidenomics after 34 Months: Six Charts the Media Don’t Want You to See Of course, prices are 17.2 percent higher than in January 2021, but inflation is not the only issue affecting everyday Americans. Record credit card debt and mortgage payments that have nearly doubled what they were on Biden’s first day in office have further drained Americans’ pockets. Further, real wages have gone down since the beginning of the Biden administration. Yet disconnected journalists like McManus can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that an administration that put the people through the horrendous mess of the last two years is not going to receive any praise from those people.

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But despite this, McManus kept parroting his nonsense: “Biden has six months to persuade [the American people] that his economic policies are working better than they think.” He spent his whole non-sensical column trying to find ways to convince Americans that things are better than they are.

McManus joins a plethora of leftist columnists, including The New York Times’s Paul Krugman and The Observer’s Will Hutton, who are running cover for Bidenomics through their crazy activism and praise. But the fact remains that prices are high and many people are struggling.

Conservatives are under attack. Contact the Los Angeles Times at (213) 283-2274 and demand that it stop defending the failing record of the Biden economy and gaslighting people who are struggling.