REVEALED: TikTok Trying to Silence Media Critics

June 30th, 2023 12:01 PM

A newly released memo has revealed the communist Chinese government-tied TikTok’s coping strategy to censor its critics.

TikTok came under fire for plotting a draconian campaign to save face, including partnering with allies to allegedly “correct false narratives.” According to an internal memo, obtained by Forbes, a TikTok attorney called on the app to launch a full-fledged vendetta, which included the deployment of a “fact-checking website” and hiring attorneys to minimize the so-called “harms caused” by news articles exposing TikTok’s nefarious acts. “TikTok is experiencing an unprecedented negative media cycle that is substantially harming our corporate brand and reputation,” the attorney whined.

The lawyer ludicrously alleged that the negativity against TikTok comes as a “result of a disinformation campaign.” Because of this, the lawyer urged TikTok to create a "social engineering team" that would then create a fact-checking website aimed at "minimizing the harm caused by disinformation." Specifically, the attorney reportedly claimed, the so-called “disinformation campaign (or attack) should be understood to be an enterprise security challenge that needs to be addressed by a dedicated Cognitive Security function that is charged with identifying, mitigating and disrupting disinformation campaigns and attacks against TikTok.’”

The attorney called on TikTok to deploy a group that would “drive external statements, policy positions and media/regulatory responses that address false narratives” to save the company's face. To do this, a “'fact-checking website’ that ‘disproves frequent false statements and narratives’” would be formed, according to Forbes. In other words, it’s a site made to censor negative news.

TikTok tried to downplay the document, claiming that “it's common for documents to be created without implementation.” However, despite this denial, the media company affirmed that it is still trying to influence its coverage in the media, alleging that “it is simply false to suggest our efforts to correct the record and clarify facts with some media outlets were in any way guided by this draft document.” Yeah, right.

The release of the memo comes days after TikTok influencers unveiled that TikTok financed a lawsuit by app influencers against a Montana ban on the Big Tech platform passed on May 17. TikTok and ByteDance, its Chinese government-owned parent company, have been under threat of being banned on the federal and state level for its close ties to the Beijing government and for condemnatory data security issues.

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