WATCH: Steve Forbes Slams Biden Advisor’s Economic Policy: ‘Destructive Nonsense’

June 28th, 2023 1:30 PM

Forbes Media editor-in-chief Steve Forbes torched President Joe Biden’s administration and its ridiculous economic and inflation-related policies.

Forbes tore into an absurd statement made by top Biden economic advisor Jared Bernstein during a June 23 interview on Fox Business’ Kudlow. Bernstein, in an interview on Bloomberg TV, ludicrously claimed that “what we want to see are [economic] growth rates, perhaps even growth rates that are below trend” because “it helps the realignment of supply and demand in the labor market” and keeps inflation down. Forbes rightly called this strategy by the Biden official “destructive nonsense.” Forbes rebuked that “the far left is not interested in growth. It is interested in control.”



Forbes’ comments were directed at the significantly high inflation that the US has battled over the last two years.

Forbes presented his counter-solution to the “destructive” Biden strategy:

The way to conquer inflation is: one, stabilize the value of the dollar, cut taxes, cut regulation, so you get more production in the economy, more innovation, more opportunity, we move ahead.

Forbes also emphasized the fact that free-market strategies have worked in the past, saying, “We’ve done it before in American history, what’s to learn again? These people — they need re-education.”

Conservatives are under attack. Contact your local representatives and demand that they combat inflation using proven free-market strategies and that they stop socialist attempts to slow the economy