WashPost Whines That Companies Don’t Advertise LGBTQ Enough

June 21st, 2023 12:28 PM

WashPost Whines That Companies Don’t Advertise LGBTQ EnoughThe Washington Post, in its usual lefty bias, ridiculously complained that the current-day advertising business doesn’t represent the LGBTQ agenda as much as it should.

The Post ‘s June 16 article attempted to spell out the history of “LGBTQ+ marketing,” absurdly concluding that “[LGBTQ+] representation is still lagging.” However, despite this ridiculously bleak outlook, the outlet at the same time rambled on and on about “[t]ransgender inclusion” and the creation of “an environment in which big corporations loudly signaled their support of queer communities during Pride month.” So, which is it? According to The Post the world of advertising is progressive but not sufficiently progressive enough.

The Post lamented that “marketing campaigns featuring queer people are still provoking vitriol” and “transgender representation in advertising has become contentious as anti-trans legislation and sentiment increases across the country.” The outlet did not stop to ask why that might be the case considering the fact that the LGBTQ agenda and branding has completely invaded public life in the last five years. Instead, The Post whined that corporations like Bud Light, Target, Walmart and the North Face “received blowback from the far right for stocking items that extol equal rights and acceptance for gay, lesbian and transgender people.”

The Post also mourned the supposed uncommonness of “bisexual and nonbinary people'' in modern advertising. The outlet quoted GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis, saying that “‘[w]e [the LGBTQ+ community] are grossly underrepresented as a community’” and that “[c]ompanies ‘have to do better.’” 

Despite this obviously negative view of the way that companies advertise, The Post simultaneously painted the picture that “corporations’ marketing efforts slowly became more inclusive” to the point that companies were “rolling out rainbow-plastered products” to show the world. No kidding. 

The outlet also emphasized that while corporations previously had to make advertisements only subtly alluding to gay relationships, the turn of the millennium supposedly brought about “a turning point in cultural attitudes toward queer people.” The Post noted that “more corporations started caring about and catering to queer people in their ranks and beyond.” 

To the relief of both Ellis and The Post, Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015 “broke barriers for companies that had been reluctant to seek queer consumers.” That was combined with the claim that “younger consumers grew up preferring media that was more inclusive and diverse.”

Yet, shaping a generation’s childhood media preferences and getting nearly every major brand to dye their logos in the rainbow for Pride month is still somehow not enough for The Washington Post

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