Joe Kernen on HuffPo: ‘They Have No Idea’ about Economics

October 6th, 2015 4:28 PM

Squawk Box co-host Joe Kernen lit into writers at The Huffington Post Tuesday morning for their poor understanding of basic economics..

While The Huffington Post celebrated a record low in global poverty, it also decried the Trans-Pacific Partnership, proving to CNBC’s Kernen that the site’s staff have no idea what they write about.

Kernen, and fellow co-host Becky Quick, joined HuffPost celebrating the drastic reduction in global poverty, but that was where the kumbaya moment ended. Kernen attributed much of this decline to globalization and capitalism, in addition to laws that protect private property and allow for commercialization.

That the Huffington Post failed to realize this concerned, but did not shock, Kernen, saying, “the Huffington Post has no idea about the disconnect between talking about the reduction in global poverty, and then globalization.”

In talking about the role free trade plays reducing world poverty, Kernan said, “[w]e have to do these things -- you can’t -- you have to have the free flow of trades, get rid of tariffs, get rid of taxes, let it happen.”

During this commentary, Quick backed him up, “I’m not gonna take the other side, I agree with you.”

Kernan attributed part of HuffPost’s coverage to a need to curry have with the unions, then added, “[but] you know the writers there, they’re just (sitting at a desk, typing a way) 'Oh great, lower poverty. Let’s stop this trade deal.' They have no idea.”

Quick also added this trade deal, which is much maligned by the far left, will put presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a difficult position. “This is Hillary Clinton who as Secretary of State made some huge inroads into this is now faced with a very difficult decision, whether she stands by it or steps down.”