Huffington Post Blames Koch Brothers … for Hurricane Katrina?

August 28th, 2015 4:32 PM

The Huffington Post wrote  about claims the Koch brothers “exacerbated the impact of Hurricane Katrina and stalled the Gulf Coast’s recovery.”

The Aug. 27, article was based off of a new report by the Bridge Project. Bridge is, according to HuffPost, part of the “Democratic opposition research group American Bridge” and is “dedicated to opposing the conservative movement’s extreme ideology and exposing its dishonest tactics.”

In other words, blaming the Kochs is more about politics than, say, an analysis of where to lay the blame for the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

The Post believes that since the Kochs constructed and operated pipelines in the region, they destroyed wetlands that would have protected New Orleans from what became a Category 5 hurricane. Of course a more accurate view might be to put the blame for that devastation squarely on government and the Army Corps of Engineers.

The article hinted at the real reason the story was run, the Koch brothers active political role.

“Though some of the findings in the report have been documented previously, it highlights the Kochs' extensive political and economic influence,” the article noted. “The findings add to the long list of instances of the brothers' network of conservative groups attempting to obstruct environmental legislation.”

Associate Politics Editor Marina Fang even complained that “Koch-backed groups have advocated against state-level proposals that incentivize companies to invest in renewable energy.” Yes, free people lobbied in ways HuffPost didn’t like. Horrors.