Nothing to See Here! NYT, CNBC, WashPost Rush to Defend Soros-backed DA Bragg

March 24th, 2023 4:45 PM

Legacy Media Defends Bragg-Soros Ties The legacy media is yet again defending the indefensible. This time, they claim the Soros-backed Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, is not actually backed by Soros.

The Washington Post’s Philip Bump, CNBC’s Brian Schwartz, and The New York Times fact-checker dismissed the fact that Soros donated $1,000,000 to the Color of Change PAC in 2021 just days after the organization endorsed Bragg and pledged to donate the exact same amount to his campaign.

One might think that one million-dollar donation from a Soros-backed group, would be enough proof of a Soros-Bragg tie, but that’s not enough for the legacy media. 

The Times’ fact checker went so far as to claim that “neither Mr. Soros” nor his “Democracy PAC” contributed directly to Bragg’s campaign. That claim is partially true but clearly ignores that other Soros family members did indeed directly contribute to Bragg’s race, per a March 21 Fox News report.

CNBC’s Schwartz dismissed the ties claiming that Soros never met Bragg, per a “Soros advisor.” He also downplayed the donation by noting that the Color of Change PAC ran independent expenditures on behalf of Bragg.

WaPo’s Bump defended Bragg’s ability to fundraise, claiming he “raised more than $2 million in direct contributions.” However, are we supposed to ignore the fact that a group backed by Soros single-handedly gave nearly half of what Bragg and his team raised on their own? I guess so.

Bump went on to downplay the rise and dangers of leftist prosecutors. “Did Bragg announce that he wanted to reimagine prosecutions in New York because of a second-order boost from Soros? Or did Soros donate to Color of Change because Bragg was the sort of candidate who would make such an announcement?”

Regardless of which came first, the rise of Soros-backed prosecutors is well documented. The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund detailed in a scathing report how Soros’s “shell organizations” and “affiliates” usurped prosecutors’ races through the funneling of multi-million dollar donations.

The consequences of these Soros-backed DAs are also clear. Under Bragg’s tenure as DA, felony cases were downgraded to misdemeanors a whopping 52%, according to a New York Post Nov. 26, 2020 report.

According to Bump, however, the benefit of the multi-million dollar donation is “access” at a dinner or quick meeting. This is just straight-up laughable. MRC Business’s exclusive report, George Soros: Propaganda Powerhouse, exposes how Soros built an “unparalleled network” to “mold” public opinion. But sure, the benefit for both parties is just a quick “dinner.”

Don’t believe us? See Soros’ own words. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Soros wrote that his decades-long involvement in politics were aimed to “enable sensible reform-minded candidates.” Seeking to reform the judicial system seems more ambitious than just grabbing dinner with prosecutors, but Bump clearly couldn’t care less about these facts. Soros even praised his woke DAs claiming without evidence that they were very “popular.”

There’s nothing to see here, folks.

Conservatives are under attack. Contact The New York Times at (800) 698-4637), CBNC at, and The Washington Post at (800) 477-4679 and demand they report Soros' connections to the Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg.