New ‘Assault’ Movie Depicts Massacre of Wall Street Employees

May 14th, 2013 12:56 PM

“Assault on Wall Street,” directed by Uwe Boll and starring Dominic Purcell, takes the liberal agenda to a whole new level. Every possible liberal ideal – anti-gun, anti-capitalism, the evils of health insurance companies, crazy gun supporters – is depicted in this 1 hour and 39 minute movie, which was released on May 10 in limited theaters and on Amazon instant video.

Within the first ten minutes, viewers were introduced to evil Wall Street executive Jeremy Stancroft (John Heard) saying, “Our responsibility begins and ends with our partners and shareholders and that is it.”

Jim Baxford (Dominic Pucell) had a very sick wife, Rosie (Erin Karpluck), and their insurance reached a coverage cap. “Basically if you read the fine print, it says If you get too sick and it’s too expensive, they stop f*****g paying,” he told a co-worker. 

To try to make money to help pay for his wife’s expensive treatments, Baxford puts money in stocks on Wall Street – predictably, the stocks go bad and thousands of people across the country lose their money. The companies, however, are bailed out through government funds … something that hits close to home for many Americans today. 

Baxford’s wife realized how much debt they were in and that they can’t afford her treatments anymore since the insurance company won’t cover them … so she committed suicide. Jim Baxford went unhinged. 

The final chapter of the film depicted Baxter methodically targeting and hunting down different executives on Wall Street and executing them. Like any serial killer, he had pictures of his victims on his apartment wall and crossed them off after every kill – this is the man audiences were supposed to empathize with. Baxford bought his guns off the street from a gun enthusiast, promising he needed them for “self-defense.” 

The grand finale comes when Baxford shot down his old broker along with hundreds of others in a massacre on Wall Street before he finally came face to face with CEO Stancroft. “The problem with guys like you is that you’re always bragging, so when the rest of the world is suffering, you’re making sure that every magazine in the country knows all about your triumphs,” he told Stancroft. 

As if the rest of the movie wasn’t bad enough already, the real kicker came when Stancroft defined what capitalism supposedly is. “It’s the bankers and the owners and the advisers who get rich and it’s the little people who buy their stock that always lose in the end. People like you,” he declared. “That’s capitalism.” 

In reality, what Stancroft described is not capitalism at all. A rigged system is not the free market, despite what the left believes. Cronyism and favors for big companies based on their relationship with lobbyists is not capitalism. Capitalism allows anyone to come up with ideas and try to market a good or service. The market decides who rises and falls, not the government. 

The irony of this movie is that it was only a few months ago when many in Hollywood were in the “Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence” video. Not only does this movie propagandize every liberal talking point for 2013, but it promoted malicious murder of those on Wall Street. In a recent Culture and Media Institute study, the top five movies for the weekend of Jan. 11 included 65 scenes of violence, 38 of which were specifically gun violence, and depicted 185 individual victims.